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ENGL 110- Week 8 Discussion 1

Aug 14, 2023

Do you believe that the actions Stratt takes in this novel are ethical and/or justified? After seeing the full extent of what she does to ensure the success of this program, do you feel she was the right person for the job?

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Week 8 Discussion 1: Project Hail Mary

In Project Hail Mary the steps taken by Stratt in order to complete the mission are definitely unethical, but nonetheless required. In the novel, Stratt after losing DuBois and his backup Shapiro, who was supposed to fulfill the role of biological engineer, in Project Hail Mary. Though she had developed a ‘friendship’ with Grace and genuinely like him as a person, she took the harsh call to force him into the suicide mission. In the novel she is characterized as a personality who is authoritarian, dominating, and will go to any end to achieve her means. Though all of these qualities are not applied for her individualistic benefit but rather for the progress of the community as a whole. Throughout the novel, she is criticized for not following the protocols and adhering to the rules. In retrospect, these rules were essentially made to function in a civilized society. Contrastingly, the situation at hand is uncivilized.  It is cannibalistic, to say the least, humanity is getting wiped away brutally. Therefore, the approach needed here is aggressive, which Stratt showcases in abundance. She understands that the idealistic approach of Yao is not usable in this circumstance. Eventually, she is proven correct, as it is Grace’s expertise that kept the mission alive. If anyone else was sent in his place the mission might not have been functioning, as it is presently. Stratt understands that in order to get the ‘right’ things done she has to become the ‘wrong’ person. Alongside she is also aware that she will face the consequences of these ‘wrong’ actions through prison time while the Earth enjoys its newfound lifeline. Her actions and way of conducting herself in the mission prove that she was the right person for the job.

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