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ENGL 110- Week 7 Discussion: Diverse Content in School Textbooks

Aug 11, 2023

In my live classes, we practice the skills of written argument by discussing a number of issues. This is one proposed by one of my live students: Should more diverse content be added to school textbooks? Why or why not?

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Week 7 Discussion: Diverse Content in School Textbooks

In the last few years with movements like Black Lives Matter, the world has started adopting a detailed outlook on matters like privilege and diversity. Privilege comes into play when the existing system, is built in such a manner, that it is advantageous for particular people. An example to cite is, that white men in America are employed with the most ease because the ‘system’ is in their favor. The interviewing body and management mostly comprise white men, therefore they are able to relate with authorities the best and hence are mostly selected. History is always written by the victors or the authority. School Textbooks are mostly mandated by the authorities in power and will explore the ideals they want to impart (Jiménez & Lerch, 2019, p.180). It is because of this reason, that school curriculum has suppressed the bloody history of Native Americans. Even the prescribed novels, try to somehow reinforce positive imagery even if the message is grim, like The Great Gatsby.

The students, ‘the future of the society’ need to be wholesome in their perception. Nazism convinced an entire nation, that Genocide is a law. A major reason behind it was the lack of information and intellect provided to the German population. The only ‘information’ they were fed was that Jesus Christ was killed by the Jews, and therefore they need to be obliterated, that they had an impure bloodline. In order to avoid a catastrophe like that, especially in such a volatile world, School curricula should be diversified. It should consist of messages from all perspectives. This approach will help to enhance the quality of respect toward human life. As students will gain some level of understanding towards every sect of humanity. The content should cover as many viewpoints as possible but reflect the ideal that benefits humanity.


Jiménez, J. D., & Lerch, J. C. (2019). Waves of diversity: Depictions of marginalized groups and their rights in social science textbooks, 1900–2013. Comparative Education Review, 63(2), 166-188.

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