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ENGL 110- Week 5 Discussion 2

Aug 9, 2023

Since this is a review unit, we are going to use our discussions to weigh in on the two argumentative review topic options.

Do you think that public schools should require students to wear uniforms? Why or why not. Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Week 5 Discussion 1

Colonialism as a movement has defined and shaped the world in the last two centuries. Even though multiple countries have gained their freedom, the real intrigue is, have they gained freedom from the various customs of Colonialism. America was initially the home of native Indians, then Europeans came and conquered it, and with them arrived various foreign principles and cultures. Though there has been a considerable amount of assimilation in the country, the colonial aspects are prevalent in the form of governance, corporate sectors, and private schools (Sabic-El-Rayess et al., 2019). There is a reason colonial rulers brought these elements because they wanted regularity in their system. Through this regularity, they formulated ideals like Loyalty. Private Schools require their students to wear a uniform to show cultivated superiority (Sabic-El-Rayess et al., 2019). If Public Schools mirror this call and create a principle of having particular uniforms, then according to many people the aspect of authenticity will be lost.

In my opinion, it will actually do the opposite, it will help students of public schools to actually showcase their authentic selves, without any burden of their background. Though it is a colonial practice and its initial use was associated with superiority, in effect, it creates a common ground for the various pupils in a public institution. Being in the same uniform creates a spirit of equity that would lead to less discrimination. Facets like clothing in society are used for judging or assuming the economic class of a person, this assumption oftentimes hinders an individual, not letting them show their full potential. Through uniforms, any chance of that is nipped in the bud. The Uniforms help in creating an environment with less dissent and produce harmony.


Sabic-El-Rayess, A., Mansur, N. N., Batkhuyag, B., & Otgonlkhagva, S. (2019). School uniform policy’s adverse impact on equity and access to schooling. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.

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