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ENGL 110- Week 11 Discussion

Aug 16, 2023

Week 11 Reflection Discussion

1. Given what you learned in this unit, do you believe that we should rely more heavily on nuclear energy and develop more nuclear power plants in the United States?

2. Do you believe that media should be censored for violent and/or sexual content? Why or why not?

Week 11 Reflection Discussion

1. As the learning materials have detailed, Nuclear Power is a beneficial avenue. The advantage of this avenue is more crucial now since there is a huge climate crisis that has been looming all over the world. Nuclear Power is a source of clean power that will enable humanity to formulate energy without harming the environment. The reason why its consumption is slowly reducing is because of the economic investment and the general sense of paranoia around it. Generating Nuclear Power on a large scale is a huge investment, countries like India are not able to fulfill their aim of establishing 22 Nuclear Power Plants because of the massive amount of money involved in the endeavor. The biggest opposition to the expansion of Nuclear Power comes from the people themselves because of their inherent fear.

The USA shouldn’t rely heavily on Nuclear Power because many of these fears are absolutely valid. Nuclear Power, if applied correctly is a boon for society. Though if it falters, it can cause generations worth of Damage. Incidents in both Chernobyl and Fukushima, prove that Nuclear Disasters have the power to wipe out an entire city. Both of these were accidental occurrences and made people shift from their homes, drastically affecting their economic prospects. Though the scope of Solar and Wind Power is low compared to Nuclear Power its consequences are not so grave. Hence the reduction done by America in its usage of Nuclear Power is absolutely apt. They should continue on that path.

2. Humans have the highest amount of interaction with media on a regular basis. Media as a medium has a huge influence on people, especially children. The content shown on media shapes and informs our opinion. In the last few years, there has been a spike in violence especially shooting in America. Many scholars believe this to be because of the increased amount of violence that is being propagated through mediums like video games and movies. Through the readings, it can be inferred that the media and its representations might enhance their wishes but it can never be the cause behind them taking such disastrous actions.

Media shouldn’t be censored for violent or sexual content. Censorship as a concept disrespects the intelligence of human beings. In a democracy, choice is an important concept and should be respected in all circumstances. A person should have the choice to consume whatever content they want to. Violent depictions do not result in violent outcomes. Video games like Grand Theft Auto, which are accused of violence also have a high sale in other countries where violence or school shooting is not an issue of concern. Violent minds use violent representation as outlets, the violence in them is not caused by the depictions. As far as nudity is concerned, even if the majority dislike its consumption, it should have pertained since a small group does enjoy the content. Democracy also respects the choice of minorities, and therefore they should not be repressed or punished. 

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