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ENGL 110- Week 10 Discussion: Project Hail Mary

Aug 16, 2023

How does the ending of the story impact your overall perception of the book? Was there an overarching message to the book? If so, what do you think it was?

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Week 10 Reflection Discussion: Project Hail Mary

In my opinion, Project Hail Mary packaged itself as a tale of survival, with the message of providing precedence to the community over the individual. Till the end, it remained constant with its message. Grace in his decision-making valued the life of both the species over his own. He sent the Beetles to the Earth and came back for Rocky, at the cost of his own life. Though there was the personal aspect of Grace’s friendship with Rocky involved, but at the end of the day, the overarching purpose was to save both the species.

Stratt’s opinion about Grace suggested that his cowardliness prevents him from achieving greatness. In the concluding part of the book, he became a hero not only for Earth but also for Eridians, when he saved both of the species through his bravery. The center of the novel is Grace, the readers perceive the novel through his thoughts entirely. Hence this progression is delightful to witness.

The novel’s ending is both intriguing and unsuspecting. The novel takes an unconventional route and takes the readers by surprise. Till the last chapter, the very survival of Grace was a huge Question, and the manner in which his narrative ended was also not expected. Rather than live on Earth he becomes the inhabitant of Erid. Throughout the novel it is abundantly clear that Grace never wanted to become the ‘savior’, he was happy being a teacher, making small but significant changes. Therefore, the novel ending with him being a teacher seemed apt. Though the fact that he couldn’t reunite with his children makes it bittersweet.

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