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ENGL 110- Unit 6: Refuting a Popular Argument

Aug 12, 2023

Unit 6: Refuting a Popular Argument

Tell us about an argument you commonly hear people make that you believe is either wrong or irrelevant, and then explain why it is wrong or irrelevant (support your claims!). I’m not talking about an entire stance on an issue that you disagree with. I’m asking you to challenge a specific argument that people make to support their stance on a specific issue.

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Unit 6: Refuting a Popular Argument

Abortion is a highly debated topic in America. Abortion is an intensely personal issue but there are debates on this subject in public forums like Senate, even to this day. There is a common argument given by people against this issue that pertains to the opinion that killing a child in the womb is like committing homicide (Kluchin, 2018, p. 48). This opinion or argument is a blatant distortion.

Life is the experience that human beings are undergone. These experiences encapsulate the food eaten, the educational background attained and the lifestyle accomplished by humans. If any of these elements are not up to par then it might cause distress. Though through hard work people can improve their living situations, but the circumstances people are born in have a massive effect on the way their life proceeds. Jameela Jamil correctly points out that Kim Kardashian’s statement implying that just by working one can attain success like hers falls flat on the face, as she got a much better kick-start than any normal person because of her background. Hence, if the ‘metaphorical’ killing is done then it is committed when a baby is brought into the world in a situation where he/she has a battle to fight in front of them, with absolutely no prospects. If a parent is not prepared to take responsibility for the child and is not at the stage where they can give their children the required affection, the agony is doubled.

Therefore a parent before taking responsibility for a child must consider many facets, like the life they can provide or the affection they can give to their offspring. Hence, this argument that abortion should not be committed because it is killing a human life is bogus, because bringing a child into the world destined for an unsatisfactory life is the actual murder.


Kluchin, R. (2018). Karissa Haugeberg. Women against Abortion: Inside the Largest Moral Reform Movement of the Twentieth Century.

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