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ENGL 110- Unit 10: Andy’s Criminal Activities

Aug 17, 2023

Unit 10: Andy’s Criminal Activities

Do you believe that Andy was morally justified in helping Warden Norton to process his fraudulent schemes? Why or why not?

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Unit 10: Andy’s Criminal Activities

Ideally, Andy was not morally justified in aiding Warden Norton’s Fraudulent Schemes. These schemes resulted in not only the frivolously low-cost labor of Prisoners, in the process exploiting them but also encapsulated corruption and fraud. As the movie showcases the whole operation enabled Warden Norton to take money from contractors and become a millionaire. Though, his personal moral compass does remain intact. Red mentions in the movie that, the prisoners do whatever it takes to ‘live’ in the prison system. Andy’s reasoning for living inside those walls was the library, that he had built meticulously, and constant urging. In order to preserve this library as well as his sanity, he needed to have Warden Norton’s support.

In the movie after being in jail for more than 10 years, Andy’s sense of societal morals begins to dwindle, and he begins to focus just on his personal wellbeing. It is because of this that he offered his services to the prison guards. Though after hearing about the death of his protégé, Tommy he decided to put an end to the corruption. Thereafter he not only performed his escape but also helped in capturing Warden Norton. Through this action, he gains his authentic moral identity back.

Multiple critics view Andy as the Jesus Christ figure, whose main purpose was to bring enlightenment. Though his character does so by providing education and rehabilitation tools to the inmates, his character is multi-layered and complex. Since, he brings this enlightenment through frivolous means, by helping Warden Norton in his scheme.

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