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ENGL 102- Week 4 Essay Questions

Sep 15, 2023

Essay Questions

Essay responses must be in essay form.  Each answer is expected to constitute between one to two complete pages (at least).   Each essay should reference readings and/or videos from the course (at least two each in each essay).  Examples should be explained well and utilize parenthetical references (videos only need to be referenced by title).  Grammar and Spelling Counts! 

2) Earlier in the semester, we watched the video, “July ’64” (available through CSU Library’s Academic Video Online).  This video highlighted housing and economic conditions in Rochester, NY.  What kinds of housing challenges were faced by Rochester’s African-American community and why?  Explain how the planning visionary, James Rouse, designed the city of Columbia, MD so as to avoid the kinds of problems that led to the riot in Rochester and other urban communities. 

Week 4 Essay Questions

The video from “July 64” is associated with how the blacks faced various challenges from society while they were discriminated against by the leading society. Rochester’s African-American community has been facing severe challenges in housing and even in their lives. Moreover, the people from the north often spit on the faces of the African Americans when police made an arrest of the blacks with minor disturbances.

Rochester, New York, is a place that is only oriented to White people where most of the people discriminated against the Blacks and opposed their living. Moreover, more than 40% of black people in Rochester have been staying. Likewise, they have been facing severe issues and have to fight for their position to stay in Rochester, New York.

Hence, blacks did not have the liberty to purchase lands. Moreover, segregation was mainly done to the visible instruments related to the real estate building where most houses have white neighborhoods. Therefore, the Rochester land opposed giving land to the Blacks as they used to think they had dissuaded Negro families. Moreover, the people of New York never wanted the Negro families to enter their white lands.     

James Rouse envisioned a racially integrated town where the blacks and the whites, the rich and the poor, or the rural and the urban citizens could coexist. He designed this planning vision to avoid riots in Rochester or other urban communities. Thus, Columbia consists of the neighborhood, the villages, and the town center. This was primarily due to the radical time, and he wanted to get the African Americans who lived in the village. Hence, this visionary plan helped all to get equal housing opportunities, previously, which was a challenge for most the Negro families.

Therefore, this helped the society to be developed so that everyone could get equal positions like the rich and the poor or the blacks and the whites shall get equal opportunities with the help of Rouse developed the visionary based on the town planning with a commercial project to assist the civilians without any future riots.

Reference (2015). IL-July’64 4vimeo. Rochester Community TV. Retrieved from (Retrieved on December 9, 2022)

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