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ENGL 102- Unit 1: Subject Area Assignment

Sep 5, 2023

In this initial assignment, you will choose a subject area for the research you will pursue in this course. You may choose one of three distinct subject areas:

1) Significant Historical Events

2) Scientific Innovations

3) Art and Literature

Explain your choice and indicate what specific areas of research within the subject area appeal to you. Add whatever personal or professional background information is needed to explain your interest. *Please do not choose a topic that goes against the tenets of Regent University. I reserve the right to reject any topic deemed inappropriate. 

Unit 1: Subject Area Assignment

The category that I have chosen for this course is Art and Literature. The reason I have chosen this category is that I believe the material produced by Art and Literature, has a huge impact on the way society views certain aspects and operates. This phenomenon is clear from the fact that during the Elizabethan Age, the literature celebrated courtly love and ideals while the Romantic Age had a literature that was filled with revolutionary ideals and was pleading with everyone to go back to nature, appreciate the power of nature, and not any authority (Sharp 57). The literature was simply a reflection of its times and oftentimes influenced it as well in many ways. French Revolution was hugely affected by the pamphlets publicizing the promiscuous nature of Marie Antoinette and other Royals. Literature influences society as much as it reflects it, the same can be said about Art such as music and painting. The French painters during the revolution after being disappointed in the set standards decided to change it even though the authorities forbade it and refused to give it sanction. The mediums of art reflect emotions like loyalty and revolt in the social order. Art and literature are not only a reflection of the person but also the societal forum. It has been said that the authoritative regime has a lot of influence on art and literature. This could be the case for mainstream products, but art and literature always find ways to reflect the truth. It is noticeable in the phenomenon of colonialism as well as racism. Even though the authoritative regimes wanted to spread falsehoods, the truth in a myriad of ways was reflected by Art and Literature.  Apart from societal factors, for various personal reasons also this subject area is appealing. In many ways the output of art and literature makes people feel belonged, heard, and represented. There were times when I felt isolated in my life when the characters of my favorite books aided me in a variety of ways.  Therefore due to its societal impact combined with my affinity, I have decided to choose this category.

The subject area that I have chosen for the Research Assignment is the Art and Literature produced in the Romantic Age. I have chosen to focus on this subject area because the art and literature produced in this Age differed hugely from the previous as well as following ages. The Art and Literature of this age did not adhere to any authority and instead focused on nature. Blake and Shelley’s poems showcase the disappointment authoritative bodies had induced in society at large. Instead, the focus was on the divine and nature. There was also a rise in individualism, and an attempt to analyze society and the humans living in it rather than Kings and their pursuit of Glory. Authors like Jane Austen used their novels to give an honest and delightful picture of society, formulating memorable characters like Mrs. Bennet and Elizabeth Bennet. The Art and Literature of the Romantic Age were also hugely impacted by the French Revolution, and there is filled with passionate ideals of liberty. Though the idealistic thinking of the age proved to be fantastical, the writings and paintings began to reflect the confusion that had overtaken the human soul. Due to this varying range of emotions, the assignment will focus on the subject area, of Art and Literature produced during the Romantic age.

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