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ENGL 102- Thanksgiving and Christmas

Sep 9, 2023

Discussion 7

Have the major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) become commercialized?

Discussion 7: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Thanksgiving and Christmas both are a very popular event, as it is considered to be one of the most famous holidays taking place in the United States. Therefore, according to the survey, as was conducted in the third quarter of 2021. Thus, Thanksgiving has a popular rating of merely 81%, which is followed by Christmas at 77%. Based on the question which is asked, I felt really good, as this is mentioned about the festival, yet Christmas is yet to come. I have already started doing a lot of shopping from the stores so that I do not miss out on anything. Moreover, talking about Thanksgiving was commercialized by President Franklin Roosevelt, who moved in on Thanksgiving Day, a week earlier giving the Americans an extra week for shopping and enjoyment.

Therefore, as I have identified on the note from the year 2022, Thanksgiving is revived to be a commercial and cultural holiday, albeit to be stripped of its official status. Moreover, President Roosevelt introduced the third Thursday of November, which was extended to celebrate Christmas. Thus, people have been celebrating Christmas, due to the shopping that helped the American business, which lingered by the effect of the Great Depression (Zammit & Grech, 2020).

Compared to this, Christmas is a religious festival, which is commercialized and it is celebrated by 78% person of the nation. Moreover, as per observation, I can conclude on the note that holidays are really good, as this started in the 1840s, as Christmas entered during that time to Northeastern part of America. This started to build a big cultural center in New York, as well as Boston to commercially tie with a holiday list that aimed to give inspiration and happiness to the children.

Thus, I have assumed that before that Christmas was not commercialized and was not widely celebrated across America. Like with both the ideas, I would suggest that both these events are commercialized and they are accepted to be celebrated on a side note. Though I celebrate both these events on each occasion, I enjoy both events and I try to participate in both events. Thus both these events are my favorite and I love to participate in both and we enjoy with friends.  


Zammit, D., & Grech, V. (2020). The effects of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day on the sex ratio at birth in the United States, 2003–2015. Early Human Development, 141, 104867.

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