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ENGL 102- Research Paper

Sep 8, 2023

Research Paper Topics

Listed below are some topics for your research paper. This will be your final major writing assignment for this semester.

 1. Defining the American Dream

 2. The changes to the academic process due to Covid-19

 3. Traits that make an influential person

 4. Physical vs. digital communications

 5. The Youth Mental Health Crisis 

Research Paper

Thesis statement: This analysis is mainly related to finding out the details through the reading of the American Dream catered to the belief that anyone regardless of where they are born or to any class should get the independence of their rights to life, freedom liberty, and can pursuit any happiness to live a better life.


The topic for this research paper is “Defining the American Dream”, to narrate a long-time model based on the prosperity of the American people and the people of the world. Thus, “the charm of anticipated success”, has brought millions of immigrants to the United States, thus, being citizens of the nation, they also have some liberty and standard of life so that they can live freely in society. Therefore, equal opportunity shall also be given to them, to give them a better life than they have been facing before.  Therefore, the American Dream is recorded to be the national ethos set under the United States to set out the details related to the Representative democracy, rights, liberty, and equality given to the people who are born within the society. Thus, they are considered to undermine social mobility which depends upon social mobility as well as the children, to achieve through hard work based on the capitalist society with a few barriers (Hirschman & Snipp, 2019). The American dream was not the dream of individual wealth, with individual wealth, to bring equality within the society for all the individuals who are born in the society. Thus, they can eventually bring justice and democracy to the nation which is used in the early 1900s.   

History of the American Dream

The phrase, the American Dream entrails the belief to find success in the United States through hard work. Thus, they were termed not to be officially coined until the year 1931. While here the idea fetched from the American Dream which was traced back to colonial times With the European pursuit of the Old World as well as bringing forth Freedom along with new opportunities. Therefore, the Declaration of Independence of 1776, states that “all men are created equal”. Thus, equality leads to the pursuit of “life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Comparing the status of the Declaration of Independence, equality does not apply to the women of the society, the Native Americans, or any black people living in the American society.

The American dream was pioneered to be the core of the colonist times, surrounded by the pursuit of opportunity as well as the idea for the poor people to be rich and gain equal respect from society. Moreover, in the year 1920, this idea was changed, when the American economy was booming from the aftereffects of the First World War, as they got an opportunity to acquire the material. Alternatively, the people here suddenly got the opportunity to afford luxurious things with white pickets keeping the American Dream at the Center (Hume, 2022).   

Narrating from the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald led to exploring the perversion to the American Dream in the year the 1920s. This novel mainly explains the opulence nature of America, while the 20th century proceeded and overshadowed the Great Depression and the Second World War. James Truslow Adams was coined as the writer who describes his virtues for life in America as his dream place because he described “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with the opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” (Charlesworth & Cochrane, 2018). Thus, he senses that everyone is required to get equal opportunity in the land of America be it they are born in the land, or be it they are often immigrants. No one should be differentiated on the note of their caste color, or even gender. Equal positions might be given to each of the individuals because most of the women within the workplace have been working for a long time, but they are still lagging behind. Ronald Reagan in the year 1980, reaffirmed the concept of the American Dream, as it highlighted the racial tension persisted that and highlighted the opportunity for Americans so that this land can be considered a “land of opportunity”, for all.  Moreover, Adam gives an explanation related to the dream based on the social order between men and women to attain the fullest capability, so an individual can create circumstances based on the fortuitous birth position. Through the ideas of Adam, we get the idea of the American Dream to its roots, as it is a tenet to find the logic of the Declaration of Independence. It is debated hotly in the 21st century that the proponents have been claiming that America stood still to fetch land opportunities, for those related to the cultural and socio-economic background.

Simultaneously, the American Dream was revealed to be based on the American ideals of basic democracy, giving liberty, as well as opportunity along with equality to all the people. Thus, many of the non-European immigrants migrated to the nation and they realized that the American Dream was considered Eurocentric, where they found success and a better opportunity in a New World from Europe, while the immigrants from other parts of the world had to struggle to find a place in the perceived within the land of opportunity.

The advantages of the American Dream

The positive aspect of the American Dream mainly depends upon the representation, which is still considered to be the land of opportunity for immigrants, who lack the opportunities in their homeland. Based on the materialistic aspect of learning about the American Dream, is often oppressed to control the look to support idealistic opportunities, like freedom and giving out equality.

As stated by Hauhart (2021), America offers opportunities through education. Therefore, the children of the United States have access to free education, no matter it reveals about their socio-economic background. Therefore, the people who are in America build up the opportunity to bring success no matter the people belonging to any background. Therefore, it is difficult for Americans, to learn about the person, who is still having an opportunity while rising from a dishwasher to a billionaire or a millionaire. Therefore, the American Dream mainly gives out the notion to the people, in the hope of giving a better future to all the individuals born in America and opportunities to the children. Yet, the positive aspect of the American Dream requires the understanding of political and economic freedom, to learn about the rules of law as well as private Property Rights. Correspondent to the study we have learned that the American Dream mainly promises to get freedom and equality.  

The disadvantages American Dream

The term “dream”, is a notion that is often optional and does not act in real life. On the contrary Flax (2018), narrates in detail that, related to the reason that criticizes the false criticism of the American Dream. Apart from this, there are several inequalities, Firstly, the negative side is considered to be unequal income strategies, which are deemed to have increased substantially from the 1970s, when the American Dream became less attainable. Based on the United States Census related to its demography, it has been identified about the income system of American society. Opponents of the American Dream believe that the small minority, are the unreachable ones. The income of Americans is increasing while, many people to date do not see any opportunity ahead, and face a difficult life. Thus, the minority has been facing difficulties because they are unable to compete with the rich and those who are successful.             


It can be concluded on the note that it is the dream of all, even Martin Luther King Junior, dream them all are treated equally in America. Therefore, typically the American Dream is mostly wanted to recognize the opportunity to pursue success for all people natives, women, and even immigrants to get a better life. Likewise, previously they have been facing severe segregation from the main American society. Thus, the main idea is to bring equal opportunities or have the willpower to work hard and income well. Therefore, mostly spoke in American Dream persists the idea under the five elements of democracy, giving rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality to all the people in the American society. Alternatively, American society is mainly related to the dream which is often claimed under the tenets of the originated forms from the United States Declaration of Independence as stated by “all men are created equal”, thus, the female or the blacks are kept separated from the actual society. Thus, in the case of the right given to “life, liberty, as well as the pursuit related with happiness”. Therefore, the preamble established under the United States Constitution is based on similar points, as it states that the Constitution is related to the purpose of securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Prosperity. From the year 2015, as compared to 10.5 % of American workers were based in Labor Unions. Therefore, the American Dream was criticized to be a product related to American Exceptionalism, which does not acknowledge with hardships relevant to American face, which is namely regarded with the legacies based on American slavery and Native American genocide, for example, the discriminatory violence. In this conclusion, I would opinionate on the fact that the American Dream is one of the great aspects to teach the people of America about the significance of “unity”. Thus, immigrants getting an opportunity often escape from oppression, and later they can find success. Thus, all people believe that America is the place where one can find good opportunities and can get their homeland.


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