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ENGL 102- Reading Response journal

Aug 14, 2023

Summary: In your summary, you should strive to put into your own words an overview of what we’ve read, watched, or heard. Focus on listing what you take to be the author’s main ideas. Don’t use this area to voice your own opinions or ideas that occur to you based on this author’s ideas. That comes later. Please include the heading —Summary—for this section

Quotes: Share no fewer than three quotes that turned your head. Maybe you strongly agree. Maybe you strongly disagree. Maybe you think they sound weird. Maybe they sound cool. Maybe they’re funny. Maybe they’re cold-hearted. Maybe they make sense to you. Maybe they don’t. Just make sure that ‘you’re sharing no fewer than three quotes from the reading. And for each quote, write a sentence or two explaining why you’re noting it. Please include the heading—Quotes—for this section.

Response: Finally, in this last section, you may share your own opinion about what you read. Here you may begin to develop an argument about the reading (either for or against). You may develop questions about the reading. You may describe an experience from your own life that seems related to one of the author’s ideas. Or you may explain a new idea that occurs to you based on the reading. Please include the heading —Response—for this section

Reading response journal

Redlining was banned 50 years ago


The paper illustrates that in the 1930s neighborhoods were graded by government surveyors and these cities were color-coded. These colors determined green as best, red as hazardous, yellow as definitely declining, and blue as still. Local lenders often discounted these redlined areas as credit risks due to the ethnic and racial demographics of residents. This paper mainly concentrates on the aspects of racial discrimination manifested in the domains of redlining. The term redlining denies mortgage financing to several creditworthy borrowers due to their race or place of residence. Neighborhoods were graded relying on the perceived credit risks that restricted the capability of Blacks and other minority communities to attain affordable loans or even rent in some areas. The private banks, insurers, and FHA used the redlining practices of HOLC for guiding their underwriting decisions. Studies have indicated that redlined neighborhoods in the West and the South house a largely minority population and persistent economic inequality is displayed in the MidWest and South neighborhoods.


“It’s as if some of these places have been trapped in the past, locking neighborhoods into concentrated poverty”.

I agree with the above quote made by Jason Richardson as the HOLC maps present comprehensive documentation of discriminatory lending practices. The quote is relevant to the political debates regarding the financial, banking, and housing population and even civil rights about requirements of fair lending. The policies impacting access to credit and capital influence residential patterns, the economic health of neighborhoods, and the accumulation of household wealth.

“But 50 years after the law passed, the lingering effects of redlining are clear, with the pattern of racial and economic residential segregation still evident in many US cities”.

The above quote is true as the neighborhoods designated as “hazardous” are still inhabited by a major proportion of the minority residents like Blacks and Latinos. These neighborhoods contribute to more economic equality in the cities. 91% of the areas designated as “best” in the 1930s remain in the strata of middle-to-lower income till this date.

“Banks have largely blamed the racial lending discrepancies on borrowers’ credit scores”.

The grading of neighborhoods into color-coded areas is based on credit risks. This grading has restricted the capability of minority communities to avail of housing rents or loans in some areas.


In my opinion, the redlining of neighborhoods has created a racial wealth gap which describes variations between the median wealth of Whites in comparison to other minority groups. The disparity created by redlining is still prevalent today as Blacks and other minorities are locked out of homeownership and are unable to build generational wealth. This discrepancy in the homeownership opportunities between white and minority groups is assisted by the fact that white families received a head start (, 2022).

Why humans run the world by Yuval Noah Harari at TED (Transcript)- the Singju Post


The variations between humans and other animals are on the collective level. Humans hold a dominant position on the planet as they are intelligent enough to work in a cooperative manner and larger proportions. This article presents a vital understanding of the superiority of humans over other animals in the context of proportion and cooperation. Humans gather in larger groups to create an effective and sophisticated network of cooperation. Humankind has achieved great heights owing to its ability to cooperate (, 2022).


“The real difference between humans and all other animals is not on the individual level: it’s on the collective level”.

I agree with the quote as humans have worked cooperatively to make great achievements in History. Humans are superior to other animals in the context of proportion and cooperation.

“Even though we do not know each other, we can work together for creating this global exchange of ideas”.

I agree with the quote as humans can communicate and cooperate effectively to exchange ideas and contribute to the creation of wonderful things. This quote is true as humans are dependent on one another.

“In the religious field, humans cooperate by believing in the same fictions”.

All regions preach the same notions about God, hell, and heaven. Only humans believe in God and so they can control the world. These thoughts are united in all forms of human communication on a larger scale.


My option is for the topic that cooperation and flexibility of humans in larger proportions has made them capable of establishing themselves as the most powerful living beings on earth. I think humans can further enrich their capability of attaining greater achievements through collaboration for the good of mankind.

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