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ENGL 102- Discussion 1 Questions: Emotional Intelligence Test for Manager’s Job

Sep 12, 2023

  1. Review the questions being asked in an IQ test ( and an Emotional Intelligence test ( Which of the two do you think is more relevant in a manager’s job and why?

Discussion 1 Questions: Emotional Intelligence Test for Manager’s Job

After completion of the questions being asked in an IQ test and an Emotional Intelligence test which I think is more relevant in a manager’s job is the Emotional Intelligence and the reasons for choosing it are stated below-

Help to understand the employees well– Emotional intelligence helps to understand them and manage their own emotions and other emotions. For the manager, it is essential to understand their employees and their needs in the organization. If the employees are understood, it will help them get motivated and enthusiastic at work. A manager is an open person who has direct interaction with the employees. If the employees have been understood and helped in a difficult situation, it will ultimately help the growth of the employees and the company. 

Help in the hiring process– Emotional intelligence also helps in the hiring process. While hiring the candidate, it is essential to understand the candidate and their thinking and liking at work (MacCann et al. 2020, p.5). So emotional intelligence helps the manager understand which candidates are suitable for the particular jobs or are not. Emotional intelligence helps the manager to understand their emotions and also to understand the other person’s emotions. This will help the manager to select the right candidate for the company. With the help of emotional intelligence, it is helpful to understand the hiring candidate’s nature and enthusiasm toward the goal and the work, which is one of the essential aspects of the organization. 

Increase the productivity of the company– To increase the organization’s productivity, the work should be done on time and properly managed. While completing the work, there can be various difficulties and challenges the employees have to go through. So here, emotional intelligence is most important for the manager job because to increase the productivity of the organization, the managers should motivate their employees to handle the difficulties and help them solve the issues that are arising while completing the work (Gilar-Corbi et al. 2019, p.5). If the proper motivation and communication are done, then it will help the manager and the employees to know and understand each other well which helps to build a good relationship with each other and helps each other in the growth of the production 

Help manager perceives their thoughts– With the help of emotional intelligence, a manager can able to better perceive their thoughts and feelings, along with their colleagues’ thoughts and feelings. If both parties understand each other and their thoughts, it leads to less conflict in the organization. The conflict is the difference in the through, which ultimately hamper the company’s productivity. But if both parties understand each other, the conflict can be minimized or will not take place as well, which helps in building a positive environment in the organization, and the work will also get completed properly. Within the time limit, it was set. 


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