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ENGL 102- BONUS Discussion: Police Stop

Sep 1, 2023

Answer the following question…..

BONUS Discussion: Police Stop

Expound on how the information that was shared on Background on Police Reform resonates with you.

Based on The background on Police Reform resonates with Hanif Adbdurraqib’s story of being harassed by the United States Police Force and murdering an unarmed individual. This remains about the details given in the form of the contemporary system, which depends upon the major issue based on a person’s color. I liked the story and find it extremely resonant. Moreover, here in the background, it mentioned in detail what happened to Hanif in the year 2001.

Thus, the information which is given by Abduraqib who speaks about police reform under Lydon Johnson who acts like presidential administration and in the Supreme Court with the decision that led in the year 1960s that tells about the Standardized rules regarding unreasonable searches and seizures, with an unusual suspect mainly informs the criminal suspect related to their Rights as well as the treatment to be provided to the Juvenile offenders. Moreover, based on the background, it was clearly stated that the rule which is established by The United States Supreme Court is often not effective, and some of the innocents are often targeted by police harassment. The officers have violently escalated the situation relevant to the racial profiling.

Moreover, this background consists of the factors that dwell on the notion which states how badly other minority people are judged and how cruel the police are because they have been treating the minorities with cruelty and do not respect. Thus, this form of offense is related to receiving more attention where cases are pro-founding the note that a series of police were involved in shooting an unarmed individual. Before narrating his own story which took, a place with him, that Probably in the text it is mentioned by Abdurraqib who said about his father’s warnings about the police force, while on the other hand, he also mentioned that people surrounding his car, were watching what was happening to him by the police on the ground, where all his books were scattered hence, he could not say anything, and they just pranked on his named, and leave him.

Hanif Abdurraqib shared about the most famous incident, which was the killing of Michael Brown. Thus, this case mainly narrates about Michael who was unarmed and was shot by the police and was killed in the year 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri Therefore, after the death of this man, there were active protestors who made a chance to make discoveries to bri9ng for the a chance to bring justice for the unarmed minorities, who are often harassed by the police or they are directly shot, due to their disparity. Thus, this protest against the Ferguson Police sparked to be like a national conversation to remove further violence. Thus, this debate keeps on relating to improving the Police Force. Apart from the government should resolutely build body cameras on the Police officers so that they can be inspected by the headquarters.   

On the other hand, police officers are required to get more rigorously biased training which might result in less police violence. Moreover, this can be noticed that though the police get to get good training, at times it is not effective. Thus, education, as well as training, should be given to the Police force so that they do not find any discrimination within the community, because white supremacy and the minor community people are kept silent acts like injustice and violates one Civil Rights.

Hence, as it is mentioned in the story closely inspects about the primary fact is that very often in living in gangs the white gangs or the youngsters often drive their cars fast in Missouri, while in case of the other class of society, which is likely to be the judged by one’s name, one’s color and their creed to be harassed by the police is total injustice.

Thus, the police force and the Department are requested to provide good training so that none are victims like Michael Brown of Hanif Abdurarquib. Giving proper assistance to all the community people, along with the minorities so that they are not discriminated against on any grounds and shall never have to face police harassment.             

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