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ENGL 102- Annotated Bibliography

Sep 15, 2023

Assignment Description

An Annotated Bibliography is a survey of the literature on any given topic, a sampling of the various opinions/perspectives that are part of every debate. This assignment has three main goals to introduce you to the process of doing academic research,
to give you practice in examining and evaluating sources for research, and
to enable you to see and discuss the complex set of perspectives that are part of almost any debate.

For purposes of this assignment, you will be required to complete annotations on ten (10) sources—magazine articles, book chapters, academic/scholarly essays—that represent a fair survey of the opinions involved in your chosen debate.

Annotated bibliography

1. “Falk, Gene. “Unemployment Rates During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Congressional Research Service, 2020.

The columnists are facilitator masters in the suitable course of action Quality Falk, research associate Paul D. Romero, maker Emma C. Nyhof, and research colleague Isaac A. Nicchitta (Investigation Associate). The survey’s subject is “Unemployment Rates During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Everyone is the article’s objective gathering.

By April 2020, the unemployment rate had conspicuously outflanked the highs seen during and not long after the Exceptional Slump. The unemployment rate started to rise quickly in Walk 2020. A lack of extraordinary 22.1 million situations between January 2020 and April 2020 provoked this rising unemployment. More people left the workforce during this time; by April 2020, it had tumbled to 60.2%, the most diminished level since the mid-1970s.

The Public Division of Monetary Investigation (NBER), the Organization of Work Estimations (BLS), the Continuous People Outline (CPS), the Local Bits of Knowledge (LAUS) program, and the Continuous Business Estimations (CES) program all gave estimations to this article.

2. “Gould, Elise, and Valerie Wilson. “Black workers face two of the most lethal preexisting conditions for coronavirus-racism and economic inequality. Economic Policy Institute. 2020. https://www.epi. org/publication/black-workers-covid/.

Elise Gould and Valerie Wilson wrote the piece. “Black employees encounter two of the most deadly preexisting variables for coronavirus—racism and economic inequity,” is the subject of this article. The paper claims that there is growing evidence that black and Hispanic employees are much more at risk from COVID-19 for economic and health instability. It incorporates information and research from publications created through EPI analysis of publically available Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey data. Examples of racial segregation in the modern workplace and job positions may be found using this article.

3. “Hogler, Raymond L. " Labor unions in the trump administration: Courts, congress, and the National Labor Relations Board” Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 32.1 2020: 25-32.”

Raymond L. Hogler wrote the quoted essay. This article’s title, “Labor Unions in the trump administration: Courts, Congress, and the National Labor Relations Board,” exemplifies how Donald Trump’s economic policies have affected and altered the present economic landscape. The information for the article was compiled using extensive demographic research and analysis of prior studies. I will also understand unions and other aspects of labor better as a result of your writing.

4. “McNicholas, Celine, et al. " Why unions are good for workers—especially in a crisis like COVID-19: 12 policies that would boost worker rights, safety, and wages Economic Policy Institute. 2020. rights-safety-and-wages/

The composition was collaborative between Daniel Perez, Lynn Rhinehart, Margaret Poydock, Heidi Shierholz, and Celine McNicholas. According to the text, politicians should give priority to policies that improve employees’ unionized positions. The political reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic’s effects on the economy and public health has consistently fallen short. The article looks at the benefits of unions for employees, particularly during challenging times like COVID-19. The research examines 12 pieces of legislation that improve worker safety, compensation, and rights.

5. “Rhinehart, Lynn. " The Protecting The Right To Organize (Pro) Act-A Major Step Toward Restoring The Right To Organise For U.S. Workers” International Union Rights 28.2 2021: 3-5.”

The article’s author is Lynn Rhinehart. The NLRA’s organizing and negotiation processes had severe structural flaws, which are fixed by the PRO Act and described below. Empowering employees, NLRB, and limiting employer meddling in the electoral process One of the main flaws in current U.S. labor law is that it does not forbid employers from interfering in the political process. Employees are not given a free and fair decision regarding the establishment of a union because businesses wield too much power and influence. I can better grasp the American labor market thanks to this essay.

6. “Rosenfeld, Jake, Patrick Denice, and Jennifer Laird. " Union decline lowers wages of nonunion workers: The overlooked reason why wages are stuck and inequality is growing” Economic Policy Institute. 2016 stuck-and-inequality-is-growing/.

The article’s writers are Jake Rosenfeld, Patrick Denice, and Jennifer Laird. The topic of the paper is “Union collapse affects salaries of nonunion workers: The neglected reason why wages are stagnating and inequality is increasing.” Financial Policy Institute’s benefit The paper examines the little-studied factor that contributes to growing inequality and wage stagnation. The facts in the paper support the claim that compensation for workers in the private sector has not changed significantly over the previous 35 years. Male employees in the private sector who do not belong to a union or have a college degree make significantly less money now than in the late 1970s. I can better grasp and compare the wage structure of the existing work structure with the aid of this essay.

7. “Rikhotso, Oscar, Thabiso John Morodi, and Daniel Masilu Masekameni. Occupational Health Hazards: Employer, Employee, and Labour Union Concerns. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18.10 (2021): 5423.”

Oscar Rikhotso feature writers in the article, Thabiso John Moroni, one and Daniel Masilu Masekameni, Alan H. S. Chan. The name of the article is “Occupational Health Hazards: Employer, Employee, and Master’s Connection Concerns.” This article comprehensively revolves around the hazards and the hazards that employees in a particular workforce can stand up to. The article explores the level of the employer, very much educated power, and master’s connection concerns to occupational health danger responsiveness, as a piece of really uncovered and researched complaints. The data that have been presented in the outline are accumulated from the Current occupational health and prospering (OHS) rule in South Africa (S.A.), the Assembled Space (U.K.), and the U.S. (U.S.). This article will help me focus on the work area and how that unfairly affects working conditions.

8. “Marimpi, Maria, and Pierre Koning. Youth Minimum Wages And Youth Employment. IZA Journal of Labor Policy 7.1 (2018): 1-18.”

The article’s name is “Youth Minimum WagesYouth Employment and youth employment,” by Maria Marimpi and Pierre Koning. The article supplements its data with factors on employment, labor force facilitated exertion, and unemployment speeds of 5-year age stretch depictions from the power of OECD illuminating combination. The article stresses how youthful individuals are respectably unequivocally affected by the heaviness of minimum wages, raising their compensation level and decreasing their employment. This article will help me understand how the rising employment progression of the youth affects predictable employment circumstances.

9. “Harrison, Martin. Trade unions and the Labour Party since 1945. Routledge, 2018.”

The article’s name is “Trade Unions and the Work Party since 1945”. Martin Harrison made it. This article revolves around within activities of English Philosophical gatherings and the correspondence of original plans and their impact on political methods for managing acting. This article directly focuses on the result of philosophical gatherings and unions, generally speaking, employment structure. This article pivots around the expected changes in the parliamentary standards and how that impacts the employment structure for a surprisingly long time. The article gathers data from the spread-out changes and rules and what they mean for the employment progression of the ongoing second.

10. “Morshidi, Azizan H., Kee Y. Yussof, and Muhammad Idris Bullare Bahari. Trade Union and Job Changes in Volatile Times: A Systematic Literature Review & Future Research Agenda. Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences 11.2 (2021): 923-937.”

The name of the article is “Trade Union and Job Changes in Volatile Times: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda.” Morshidi, Azizan H. author of the article, and Kee Y. article concentrate on the trending idea of “Great resignation” and how the Coronavirus has impacted it. This article draws its data from the investigation of the last three years. It focuses on what the outbreak of the pandemic has adversely meant for the change in job advancement and employment reasoning.

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