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ENGL 101- Jonathan Lebed’s Extracurricular Activities

Sep 13, 2023

The Question Prompt

Michael Lewis, author of the essay “Jonathan Lebed’s Extracurricular Activities,” approaches his subject in a certain way. As every writer does, Lewis has certain clear goals in mind when constructing his narrative for us, and that explains why he writes in the way that he does. Based on how he constructs his piece and what he says in it, we can safely assume he wishes to communicate something important beyond the surface meanings) of the work. The story is about “A” for example, but it’s also about “B!” “C” and/or “D” too, presumably. The ways in which he constructs the essay help him convey all of those different things to us.

So, what’s this piece really about, in your estimation, and how do you know that? What’s the meaning running underneath the surface meaning of the narrative? How did you find it? What kinds of specific writing strategies does Lewis use to approach his subjects and the subtextual meaning also?

Is the writing serious or humorous ironic, questioning or emphatic, argumentative or speculative? Is Lewis a disinterested journalist or a committed participant in the story he chronicles?

How the way in which the essay is written is connected to what the essay is about? Is the language formal, or colloquial, or something in between? Is the tone of the writing moralistic, political, religious, or philosophical? Does the writing have to look and feel a certain way in order to effectively address its particular subjects and topics?

Does Lewis rely on anecdotal evidence for support and illustration, research and reporting, first-hand observation, historical recounting, or philosophical musings, or all of these, and to what effect? Who does Lewis consider his reading audience to be, do you think? How do you

Writing Support How exactly does Lewis go about telling this story, and does he do it well and successfully, or unsuccessfully? Why, and in what ways?

Jonathan Lebed’s Extracurricular Activities

Jonathan Lebed’s Extracurricular Activities by Michael Lewis has stated clear strategies to show the audience an accurate thought process. He is a 15-year-old high school student interested in stock trading facilities and ended up getting distressed with the SCE. It happened due to his need for knowledge to convey messages to different organizations. He inductively prices these business frameworks just for his benefit and to help himself.

This story is written about how teenagers from a young age have so many resources, which could get them in trouble because they are naïve in doing and do not realize what they are doing (Lewis, 67). However, Lewis uses many storytelling sources with his characters and helps the readers to understand and get involved in his story. The writing of Jonathan’s story is ironic because it creates a situation, humor, suspense, and proper emphasis on the subject.

However, in the story, I also found the character traits where Lewis omitted the participant. Most of the chronicles he used are story trading, so the essay could connect to how it is written. It also shares themes, lessons, and messages with the readers. This story’s written trends are colloquial because many factors transparently accelerated the sources. An example of the writing being colloquial happened because the 15-year-old narrator found it non-formal. The writing effectively addresses a particular subject with naïve and clueless thoughts.

It ends with realization and the outcomes that are sanctioned. The story is set in a way where effective address is produced with consideration and order. Lewis has also considered his reading audience to be individuals who could relate to events and see history. In this story, Lewis stated, “The Internet is a grown-up medium for grown-up-type activities” (Lewis 5). The quote shows how Lewis has expressed his emotions and traumatic events which exactly happened to him with challenging conversations and opinions (Lewis, 67).

The topic of this story is political because it relies on reports that share anecdotal experiences. Lewis used to rely on reports necessary for adults to engage the readers with specific details in an entertaining way. While discussing manipulating stocks, there is a different extension of trade resources to make a profit. It has created a significant impact on the price range and supports the business at the age of 14 years.

Lewis’s representative portrayal of the story and his evasion of slogans or over-politicization allows readers of all personal sentiments and political prejudices to look at the story for what it is and with far more gradation. His storytelling in a creative way has to grab the audience’s attention and connect with them. Throughout his entire writing, he has genuinely responded to adults and enhanced strategies that would help him do various activities and emphasize the script line differently with practical techniques and portrayal.


Lewis, Michael. “Jonathan Lebed’s Extracurricular Activities.” The New York Times, Feb 25, 2001,

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