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ENGL 008- Experience the first trip with friends

Sep 18, 2023

Follow the instructions for this week’s essay using this week’s readings and explain each of the parts of this essay.

Thesis: Safety is better than freedom

Experience the first trip with friends

Body Paragraph #1: I am the younger child of my family. So my family pampered me and they did not let me go outside alone. Someone would go with me wherever I went. One day I insisted on making a trip with my friends. My family did not permit me to go with my friends but I insisted on going. After much deliberation, my father permitted me to go on the trip with my friends.

Body Paragraph #2: I was very excited as this was the first trip of my life. I did a lot of shopping with friends to get there. For many days I wanted to spend a vacation in the mountains with my friends. This time my dream was about to come true. I was waiting for the day to come. Finally, the day came and I went out to spend my vacation with my friends. We felt like we got freedom from our day-to-day life. Nature was calling us. We got on the train at night and we spent the whole night talking. When morning came I could see mountains from inside the train and seeing that I became more excited.

Then I got off the train and reached the hotel and had breakfast. Then we all went out together to see the mountain. So far I have not had to do any work of my own but here I had to do my own thing. At first, there was a little problem but I managed it. After 2 days my friends planned some adventure and they wanted to go skydiving (Dominey P 21). I did not have much knowledge about sky diving but I also wanted to do it with friends. They fixed all the procedures for sky diving and we were very excited. Finally, the day came and I was a little bit scared but also excited.

With my all friends I jumped for sky diving and after some time, I felt something bad in my body. After some time our guide understood the problems and saved me. As I did not have much knowledge about that I became sick. I should have known it was a bad idea, but that didn’t stop me. If my family stayed with me then they did not allow me to do this. My ignorance could have brought my death. I was sick for 5 days and returned home with trauma in my mind.

Body Paragraph #3: After those days I understand that safety is better than freedom. We cannot do anything without any knowledge because that can be a danger for us. I should have known that ignorance can be a danger in my life but under the influence, I did this. Fortunately, I came back home safely but this incident could have put me in big danger. If I had spent the vacation safely and without any influence then I could have gathered good memories from the trip. That is why safety and awareness are better than unawareness and freedom.


Dominey, Peter Ford. “Narrative Event Segmentation in the Cortical Reservoir.” bioRxiv (2021).

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