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ENG 110- Topic Exploration Paper

Aug 31, 2023

Topic Exploration Paper

In this assignment, you will develop a short topic proposal. The assignment is intended to challenge you to think carefully about your topic selection process, considering both what you are interested in and what would lead to a substantial, compelling college-level research essay.

Your paper should have 2 paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you should:

Identify your topic

Discuss why you are interested in this topic and what impressions, biases, and prior knowledge you have about the topic.

Explain what makes this topic urgent or relevant by citing a specific event/controversy in this news (Google News)

In the second paragraph, you should list 4-5 research questions that you think can guide your research process over the next few months. Follow the research question guide provided in class and on Schoology.

Topic Exploration Paper: Proposal

The main topic that I want to explore and write about is the Implementation of Psychodynamic Therapy to Cure Mental Illness. I believe that our mind is a very powerful thing and many aspects of it are still shrouded in mystery. The developments in the field of psychology have made it possible to understand on a deeper level the functioning of the mind and its multiple facets. It brings various theories and orientation techniques with the help of which psychologists can cure mental illness and disorders. It also helps counselors and therapists to guide people through their difficult times and develop in them the ability to cope. Thus, the Mental health of a person is as important as physical health. It is proven by scientists and psychologists that the mind and body are interconnected and have a significant impact on each other. Therefore, this topic deals with the theory and practice which identifies several complicated aspects of the mind like memory, consciousness, emotions, etc. Therefore, the target of this paper is to explore the nature and scope of psychodynamic theory by considering its evolution and present relevance. I want to make this paper as informative as possible and try to attain a point or perspective that is free of bias. For instance, I would eliminate the defensive tendencies that generally stop a person from seeing the other side of the coin. It is important to address the downside of the approach and its loopholes of the topic. They should be reasoned only in practical ideas and views supported by proof. In recent times, there has en constant experimentation and evaluation of both Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to determine their best application. The topic has become extremely relevant in recent years as the world saw a spike in the number of mental illness cases after the pandemic. The pandemic has affected people mentally as people went through health problems, isolation, and economic problems. Therefore, the research by Mechler reveals the findings of internet-based treatment and therapy. It also compares the psychodynamic and cognitive approaches in therapy (2022). The pandemic gae rise to certain circumstances where negative emotions and fears took control of the minds of the people giving rise to cases of insomnia, depression, loneliness, and anxiety (Conversano, 2021)

Some of the questions that I would address while writing the paper are: What is the basis of Psychodynamic Therapy? How did it change over time and develop into a practice?

How is it implemented to cure mental illness? What are the benefits and changes that can be noted after its implementation? What are the shortcomings of Psychodynamic therapy?

The answers to these questions will be backed with evidence and research. Also, Psychodynamic therapy will be contrasted with other forms of therapy to bring forward its merits and shortcomings.

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