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ENG 110- Brainstorm Exploration

Aug 31, 2023

Brainstorm Exploration

For this assignment, upload a document with the following for AT LEAST 3 potential topics:

The topic       

List at least 3 different Google search terms you used (i.e. “food stamps,” “SNAP program,” “history of SNAP program,” “Trump food stamps,” “racial disparities SNAP program”)

Using and citing a news article from Google News, include a quick description of what the current, relevant discussions around that topic are.

Brainstorm Exploration

Topic 1: Implementation of Psychodynamic Therapy to Cure Mental Illness


  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • The emergence of Psychodynamic theory
  • Recent developments in Psychodynamic therapy

Technology has revolutionized medicine and healthcare facilities. To make therapy affordable and efficient for people, internet-based therapy programs are promoted. The research regarding which method is more suited to treating the client is still going on. Research from Mechler revealed that adolescents with depression disorder under Internet-based treatment of ten weeks showed significant improvement and many called for further sessions. Moreover, the findings reveal that Internet-based Psychodynamic Therapy was non-inferior to Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2022).

According to new research, the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approaches in therapy can help to reduce stressors that modern parents undergo. It not only solves the surface problems but helps the individual to reflect on their problems and their reasons so that they can attain emotional stability. A lot of importance is given to strengthening parent-child relationships by making parents more aware of the needs of the child. (Therapy With Parents and Young Children Found to Improve Mental Health, n.d.).  Psychodynamic therapy developed from psychoanalytic theory which became a turning point in the evolution of psychology. Therefore, its core belief is that human behavior is guided by the oppressed desires and fears within the unconscious part of the brain. Therefore, it is proven to be effective in improving reflective functioning and helping people to channel their intense emotions in a better manner (Luiggi-Hernández, 2022).

Topic 2: How excessive use of social media is increasing mental health issues in America?

Terms :

  • Impact of social media on mental health.
  • Mental Health issues in the US that are connected to social media.
  • Excessive use of social media.

Social media can impact our lives negatively if it is not used in a controlled manner. It is a platform that helps people to connect with people around the world. But it is too easy to get distracted by the amount of entertainment and information that flows which can at times be overwhelming. A person on social media is constantly subjected to manipulating commercials, trends, and public opinions. In research from Gupta, it is revealed that 97% of adolescents in the US spend the most time in front of screens (2022). There are several things that one needs to be careful about like oversharing, cyberbullying, peer pressure, hackers, scams, and trends. There are also some popular narratives and false ideas of a flawless body and life that are slowly increasing insecurities among users (Guerrero, 2022).

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the boundaries and precautions related to the use of social media because it can slowly develop a certain kind of behavior and attitude in the youth that can be harmful. Also, in recent times, the rise in the cases of substance abuse, suicide, and mental disorders been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which makes the topic of mental health more serious (, 2022b).

Topic 3:  Developing Cultural Competence as the world is growing more diverse.


  • Cultural Competence
  • Increasing diversity in the U.S
  • Culture Awareness

The world is growing more diverse and for this reason, cultural competence is necessary to maintain a healthy society where everyone thrives. Being culturally competent means learning about other cultures to understand their value and belief systems so that a meaningful relationship can be maintained without causing unnecessary conflicts. Research from Gurchie expresses that demographics in the U.S. are shifting and this means that it has become necessary for organizations to be culturally sensitive while dealing with people from different socio-economic backgrounds (2022). This will help in bringing up good ideas and problem-solving collaborations. Thus, diversity of mind will escalate progress and improve the conditions of minorities (Petzold, n.d.-b).

Globalization and technological advances in the future will lead to a more complex and diverse society. Therefore, having cross-cultural knowledge will contribute to effective communication. The leaders of the future need to identify the advantages and prospects to improve business and trade relations by developing empathy and understanding towards people who are different than them. (Cultural Competence The New York Times in Education, n.d.).


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