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ENG 102- Week 3 Discussion

Sep 4, 2023

Discussion Question 3: In what ways are the ACT and SAT accurate and inaccurate measures for student’s aptitude?

Week 3 Discussion

Based on the accuracy, it mainly focuses on the understanding that relates with the understanding that dwells on the SAT actually does not measure how one can be considered to be intelligent. Moreover, most of the experts actually do not agree with the terms on whether intelligence is preserved to be measured under a particular truth.

Apart from this, this can be recognized that SAT can often be measured in terms of the same ways that bring out the things that one can learn from school activities, or in other ways to learn about the standardized manner which is followed by the abilities to deal with the reasons. Apart from this, on the other hand, ACT mainly thrives out, to deal with the things that can reflect or to accurate the reflection based on intelligence because this relies upon the ideas where the students do not rely upon the background of the students to gather their knowledge.

Therefore, ACT uses such patterns that the test taker can only make a recognition so that bone can eventually hide an individual with the tricks related to the ACT questions asked to the writers. Thus, there are no such differences, ACT mainly includes 40 questions which can be resolved with a tricky form, while SAT consists of 52 questions which are based on the five reading sections that need to be answered within 65 minutes.    

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