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ENG 102- Expository Essay: Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

Sep 5, 2023

Expository Essay


Select one of the following topics for your essay

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

Explain how music affects your life

Describe three things that give you the greatest Happiness

Define the true messing of Friendship

5 The impact of stress on your life

Describe three things you would like to change in the world and explain why you would change them.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

In order to develop the significance of the expository essay, this week, I would suggest the topic “Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media”, which is an essay structure that depends upon the genre of the essay that recalls the students to make an investigation based on an idea, so that it can be evaluated about the evidence, or it can be expounded on a significant idea, while this set forth with an argument which concerns the idea with a clear as well as a concise manner. Social media is really essential which encourages everyone to grow their communication. Not only building strength but also they have been building a better opportunity for the business enterprises to formulate their advertisements. Thus, due to this reason, I think that social media has several positive aspects with social media that bring a better lifestyle with the policy that helps to ensure how people can communicate with each other. Social media plays a vital role in people’s lives because this have been helping them to ensure how to be involved in the ideas to form traveling videos, food vlogs, and giving out useful information to all the viewers. Thus, this is a platform for both the viewer who gets the information at a ready pace, and the actor actually gains money out of it. Thus, social media is really beneficial and it is often considered to be fun (Wright et al. p. 580511).

The positive effects of social media are as follows:

Building up the relationships, in order to help people stay connected: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or it can be LinkedIn helps people to remain connected always. This often shares memories and ideas so that this can help people to build relationships even if the person stays in a foreign land. Thus, social media is considered to be a good platform that forms a group where people are often open-minded so that they can get floating friends and other community people can be knitted together. Therefore, social media is like an easy way that help an individual to develop relationships with friends and family so that all can get to see them and cherish the present moment (Weinstein, p 3598-3600).    

Finding the voice: People of all ages have been using social media because social media have influenced all forms of people in society worldwide. Thus, this influences the people, in order to get hold of their communication, so that one can gain confidence and can quickly spread things which are positive and shall spread significant messages. For example, TikTok can be taken as an instance, where teens and young adults have developed a platform for them where they can show their creativity, with dance, art, or any means. Celebrities eventually have been participating in this session in order to get thousands of public views. This is an enormous platform that helps to reach thousands or even millions of people on a regular basis.    

Offer support: Often social media raises awareness and can cause a belief that support others while raising campaigns through an online system shall help people from different problems related to health issues, to develop businesses, or sharing photographs or influenced by writing poetry.  

Spread news like fire: this is true that social media is a platform that helps spread news like fire. Comparing this concept mainly helps us to ensure that news that has just taken place at any event can spread like wildfire on social media. This is at times an overwhelming part of society because it also helps the people to learn about the significance of the event or any death report, of any celebrity asking for justice related to any discriminated decisions taken by the jury of the Court. In contrast with this in the case of the brands which is like in the case of the business firms with B2C and B2B business structure actually get influenced by social media. This is an open market that fetches several advantages, like Facebook reels or live videos for the audience to explore. YouTube ideas, TikTok videos, and people associated with Instagram which is actually designed in order to help different companies to grow big at a rapid pace. Thus, this is one of the prime factors in order to invest one’s time on social media with further business.   

Developing better communication: Thus, social media acts as a platform to make a better platform due to the means of Facebook, where people can form their own pages so that they can share funny memes or quotes which is effective for a particular community. On the other hand, forming the pages shall help people, to develop business where the advertisement can be formed in order to develop the seller to expand their business with live shows. Hence, through the means of online advertisement often helps people to set up and bring forth to join a job or they can be engaged in growing discussions and hobbies. Thus, social media plays a vital role because it provides a good communication strategy for everyone on a worldwide basis to ensure in creating better communication.  

Building business: Online shopping is a trend nowadays. Moreover, this happens to fetch out the facilities so that the new buildings can bring forth certain impressive ideas, which is built in the social media that helps one to build the interest of the audience. Thus, social media is the platform that often shares valuable content which helps to establish a brand voice while resonating with the target consumers. Hence, this is also an excellent place which moreover, helps to establish a particular business that can grow or one can sell through the means of marketing or advertising strategies.                  

Creativity: Creating good content, or sharing creative content for the business often fetches valuable ideas so that the audience can find good interest related to the subject matter. Thus, in order to show creativity, YouTube and Facebook can be considered to be some of the best platforms that actually help people to share their creativity so that the audience can get used to it and then they can help the people give views to the creative content. Thus, YouTube is based on creative content, where people can show their talent with numerous vlogs or reviews. Some fetches an idea with film review, might get millions of views, share, or the channel is being subscribed. On the other hand, for instance, traveling vlogs were made, with all the information, reviewed the products, or even helped us to identify how to start up a new business. On the other hand, social media is a platform that helps us to get to know things at a rapid pace rather than waiting to see them on the news.

The negative effects of social media are as follows:

In contrast with the above idea, this can be identified that social media is considered to harm people’s sentiment and their mind because it have an adverse effect on the people. Thus, this hampers the ideas of the teens, which makes them addicted to the entire system. As stated by Weinstein (2018), this can lead to homicide, and suicidal attempts as well as distracting their academic performance or stop living in real life. Thus, social media is often considered to be a risk that might relate to the social media that is used by teens. Thus, this might cause them to be friends with unwanted people, causing harmful relationships along STI, rape, sexual abuse, or getting addicted to illicit substance use. Thus, social media is like a pressure to teens as they are often exposed because they are bullied, or they shall find themselves isolated from their friend society.

Not getting enough sleep: This is true that social media often interferes the sleep. Moreover, children and teens are mostly affected by the influence of social media. Thus, they get used to it adversely after the impact of Covid-19, because they often spend time online, accessing their education, or on any social media platform. Even though these days babies are also addicted to phones as they get overstimulated when they look at the screens continuously because they often grow low sleep tendencies. Therefore, the exposure of the lights from the phone often causes their eyes to be affected by its lights which have a negative impact on sleep. Thus, this can happen to adults as well.    

Delay in academic learning: In this case, the preschoolers, are often addicted to watching cartoons on small screens. Apart from this social media also affects the manner of the thinking of the young adults that delay their academic performances. Thus, parents often allow their children to get addicted to phones as they often leads to get an opportunity that helps them to get free time for their own, while they do not realize how it is adverse for their children\n. In most cases, the children get addicted to social media such as Facebook, or videos from YouTube which is really difficult for the parents to overcome them from this particular situation (Narman et al. p 178). On the other hand, most of children with peer pressure often gets involved with dating application which is also a part of social media, which is considerably a wrong platform. However, children mess with bad people, get depressed, wrong relationship goals which ensures they do poorly in their academics, thus, they often learn later.   

Gaining obesity, due to lack of play outside: Excessive screen use the children who often use the bedroom to watch their phones or in the case of young adult who often focuses on their phone remains in their room, eat fatty food, or sugary items causes obesity in children. Thus, food vlogs inspire children to get addicted to eating food, along with getting addicted to the items that are advertised in the vlogs. Thus, this often causes obesity in children.

Negative performance at school: Negative performance in school is one of the major causes which is taking place for children nowadays. They are able to watch negative things like pornography or learn different things from social media just after a click, deserves. As they get to learn so many things at an early age. Thus, it is most likely that most the children often ensure that they are getting involved in bad friend groups, incest, homicide, suicidal attempt, early pregnancy, or even death.     

Risky behavior: Social media is very pleasing to teens as well as to adults, and all of them often get addicted to the situation. Moreover, they often find it interesting to be active on social media. Thus, watching videos, YouTube channel activities, Facebook posts, and many other things. Thus, at times this acts like an exposure. This is because most people are catering to the risky attitude of teens, or young adults mainly. Sometimes, social media contents sexual content which is moreover, have an adverse impact on the mind of the teen at an early stage. Thus, social media often displays substance use that includes sexual behavior, and injuries done to oneself (Holzer et al., p. 0251352). Or even creating a high risk to eat food. Thus, social media is often acts liked exposure to alcohol, sexual behavior as well and using tobacco at an early age. Thus, this can be considered as one of the adverse impacts it has on society due to the influence of social media.   

Cyberbullying: These days’ children are very much addicted to social media because they are often associated with online games, activities, videos, and being influenced by different things. Moreover, children or young adults often being online are usually victims of cyberbullying. Thus, this is another prime factor that causes short as well as long-term negativity with social media. This, unfortunately, creates anxiety among the children, they often feel scared and the other person gets bullied for their activities. Thus, they are academically backward, with creates health issues as well and sometimes the children face death on being bullied, while they try to commit suicide. Therefore, parents are required to be so alarmed so that they can inspect their ward’s PCs, or phones so that they can identify what the child is suffering from. Thus, preventive measures are taken in order to prevent the risk of cyberbullying.      


Yet to conclude the point based on social media, we have to find the benefits as well as the risks associated with social media. Moreover, social media is like a platform that establishes the career of the teens so that they can show their own creativity through the means of reels, or any activities. While they have been helping people to communicate with each other on a vast measure of community. Yet, this can be signified that , in contrast to this, adolescents mainly adopts the involvement with social media which have an adverse impact on their mind because they often deplete in their academic skills, basically they are addicted to the theme which is associated with social media. Thus, it causes cyberbullying, social anxiety, depression, or being bored with the content, because most people get addicted to social media.

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