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ENG-102-Essay on Louisiana factory’s plants that toxics

Jul 28, 2023

    The essay must contain a Reference at the end it would be about Louisiana factory’s plants that toxics


    Thesis Statement:

    The environment is getting greatly hindered by the toxic gases released from factory plants. These gas acts as a challenge to the environment, which often affects the balance of biodiversity. Thus, Louisiana shut down some of its machinery plant use, in order to overcome this challenging situation, with the hope of coping with the situation.


    Toxic gases released from the factories and their machinery are often released into the air, which often causes the air to get polluted. The debris and the gases which are released from the factory plants are hindering the ecological balance of Louisiana. Meanwhile, research stated that factories have been accelerated to have a negative impact on society through air pollutants, as this gets emitted into the air. Releasing toxic waste in the environment also hindered by the factory releases often disturbs the environmental biodiversity, which acts as a life threat to most animals as well as human life. Therefore, this is the reason Louisiana took up the initiative to shut down some of its machinery, which releases toxic gases which can cause air pollution.

    Thus, Louisiana mainly seeks to prevent the environment from getting intact with air pollution with the factory release of toxic gases. Hence, the city takes it as a major offender, because, this can act as a greenhouse gas contribution. Apparently, Louisiana has stopped most of its factories because, they are trying to overcome the challenge which is responsible due to the factory release, which is often referred to as global climate change. Moreover, Louisiana is trying to overcome this challenge, while developing low-emission factory plants in order to cope with the global situation ( 2021).

    Louisiana takes up a measure lower the toxic emission

    Toxic gases are released from factories of Louisiana plants which is harmful for society as well as the environment. Reports have measured that Louisiana’s industrial plants are trying to reduce the number of toxic chemicals in order to help rescue the environment from getting involved with the toxic chemicals which are released, disturbing the balance in the natural ecological diversity of the land, the air as well as the water. Thus, releasing toxic chemicals from industries happens to degrade the ecological balance, which causes Global warming, which is like raising the water level. Thus, factories often release chemicals into the streams or rivers which get mixed with the ocean and different water bodies. Thus, this can even cause the marine flora and fauna, to get harmed due to the infected water. Apart from this, plastic materials release into the water, like bags, plastic materials, and plastic bottles. Many marine animals often consume plastic bags seemingly thinking it to be jellyfish (Businessinsider. in 2020).

    Toxic chemicals are released by 5.6%

     Studies mentioned that Louisiana industrial plants have reported reducing the amount of toxic release from the factories. Hence, 5.6%, of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency have announced that Louisiana factories have turned up to reduce the amount of toxic from the factories. Therefore, emissions have totaled 129.3 million pounds, down from 136.9 million pounds that compared with earlier. Therefore, in order to help the environment, the Louisiana industry has reported with 5.6% less toxic chemicals, on the on-site to the state’s land, its air as well as the water as reported by 2019 ( 2021).

    Thus, in order to reduce the release of chemical toxins in the environment, it is due to the big plants in Louisiana. Louisiana consists of one of the biggest plants that release toxic chemicals into the environment, which is named Plaquemine, as one of the largest petrochemical facilities given to the state. Thus, this factor is likely to be one of the biggest Dow’s global business, as this plant has its consistency of 3000-acre which is integrated with the manufacturing sites by producing more than 50 different basic as well as releasing toxic chemicals from the plants and the factors. Thus, EPA officials have stated that they have taken up the initiative based on an effort taken up to eliminate the release of chemical factors from the plants. As opined by Cushing et al. (2018), as a result of 2019, which has helped in research that this initiative has helped in reducing the number of toxic materials in the environment, as this has lowered the emission rate.

    Therefore, as a result, President Donald Trump, appointed EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler, who gave an idea about making the air to be released from toxic gases, with the progress made under the TRI program took place in the year 2019, in order to act as a regulation based on cleaning the environment to lessen the number of toxic gas released into the environment, which might result in depleting the category of the land, water, as well as the air of Louisiana. Apart from this, lowering the emission of toxic gases can also influence the growth of the economy within the nation.

    In this context, the US government is placing further delays that proposed multibillion-dollar that release plastics plants throughout the south of Louisiana. Thus this marks as a major victory based on the environmental activist with the member based in the Black community who have been campaigning for a year against construction. According to Shuangchen et al. (2020), factories in Louisiana, often release gases that even hampers the air, while causing acid rain, which can cause skin disease and many birds to be regarded as endangered species. Apart from this, pollution from the factories can also cause serious health issues for the people in Louisiana. Alternatively, factories often give out dangerous chemicals as well as dangerous materials to the air, water, and on the ground. Thus, these toxic gases released from the factories have caused serious illness to the people along with degrading the lives of the people causing cancer.

    Apart from this, factory emission also contributes greatly to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus, therefore, for this reason, Louisiana’s industry is trying to control their toxic release so that this can balance the environment from getting degraded due to the pollutants and debris released from the factories. Thus, research stated that 50% of the toxic gas released from the factories often causes the greenhouse effect, while this also leads to releasing greenhouse gas. Another gas-like gas is compared with carbon dioxide with harmful gases from the use of different fossil fuels based on Sulphur dioxide, which is a key ingredient in order to form acid rain while creating air to get toxic.

    Therefore, the US government stood in order to reduce the toxic release into the environment. Reducing the toxic emission based on industrial sources, through the factory plants. Thus, TRI tracks the management in order to reduce the release of chemicals from the factories of Louisiana. Apart from this, TRI mainly tracks to look towards the environment which is greatly hindered due to Louisiana’s factory releases from the plants. Order to overcome the challenge which is faced by the environment, affects the balance of ecological biodiversity. Thus, TRI develops a program, that poses to reduces the release of toxic gas release from the factories, which often poses a threat to human life, like causing cancer even to the factory workers, due to the debris released while the people are at work.

    Thus, reports stated that the federal government, as well as the U.S Government, has taken up the initiative so that they can reduce the number of factory toxins while hindering the challenge within the environment. These factories release as well as under the TRI management tracks about the managing the recycling, as well as energy recoveries along with treatment to all the people working in the factory. The state of Louisiana took up the initiative to shut down some of its machinery plants so that they can reduce the toxic release from its factories (Kumar et al. 2020).

    Therefore, Louisiana’s factories mainly lead to reduce air pollution. Thus, the factory releases often lead to taking part in developing air pollution, thus, the machinery happens to reduce the air pollution faced by the conserving energy in order to turn off the lights, as well as the gas which is filled with harmful toxic gases. Thus, these organizations are taking up the initiatives to encourage the employees to take future precautions in order to reduce the stringent emission, which is released from cleaner-burning gasoline, which leads to reduced indoor air pollution, based on developing a voluntary program.  Industrial pollution mainly takes several faces, based on contaminated toxic release, which can also contaminate the drinking water, causing severe infection to the community and people along with depleting the ecological system ( 2021).

    Another reason, shutting the factory plants in Louisiana factor release can also contaminate the sources of water while contaminating the drinking water while releasing certain unwanted Toxins into the water, even creating water pollution. Thus, Louisiana often reduces the quality of the soil as the water is often poured into the ground.


    Apparently, the state of Louisiana often used outdated technologies in order to produce several products based on the water products which is generated from the factory based on the toxic releases. Although, in order to avoid high costs as well as expenditure, based on companies based on traditional technologies in order to produce high-end products. Thus, this sort of traditional machinery used for industrial purposes often reduces the quality of air as well as water along with land.

    As the stream, gets polluted, while the water gets contaminated due to toxic release often challenges the situation, causing several respiratory diseases, along with birds, flora, and fauna to get respiratory disorders and animals to get endangered. Thus, some of its machinery plants use specific measures in order to reduce the toxic release from the Louisiana plants. Therefore, taking up this initiative to overcome this challenging situation, Louisiana factories are developing plants that release low gas so that they can cope with the ecosystem while lowering the release of toxic gases.


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