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ENG 101- Journal Week 5

Aug 28, 2023

Write about a job you held when you were younger like Franklin in “Working at Wendy’s”?

Journal Week 5

Joey Franklin in “Working at Wendy’s” details the experiences that Franklin had while working on the night shift of Wendy (Franklin, 44). In the essay, Franklin states the reason that he is involved with this job, is because his family needs it. It is because of the need that he is doing this job. This job was not his aim or ambition in his life. He did not grow up wanting to work in Wendy’s as a Night-shift server. He took up this job because his wife was going back to school and this job was the only way for Franklin to stay with his child during the day, while still earning an income. Apart from him other individuals like Oren, Sara, Dave, and Danny also reiterate this observation. If it wasn’t for money and the ease with which the job can be acquired, most of these people would not have taken up the job of a server at Wendy’s.

This action of working at jobs that do not fulfill your dreams or expectations is a familiar phenomenon who are brought up in a middle or lower-middle-class household. There is no generational wealth for these individuals to fall back to, and therefore they do not have the liberty to be respectful of their ambitions or satisfy their egos. They have the larger duty to look after their families.

Education is the best tool to bridge the gap between the various classes. The reason an individual garners education is to progress and also change his or her situation in life. I do agree with this notion as it is my education that has led me to a considerably better place than when I started. Through Education, I strive to provide a better life for my children, compared to what I and my partner had while growing up. My parents did not have the advantage of education and that in my opinion truly hindered them in their progress forcing them to get stuck in one position and not be able to move on, and find something better for themselves. Education has helped me every step of the way.

It was through education that I was able to garner my first job in my native country. My parents were devoted to the pursuit of providing me with proper education, but slowly the endeavor was becoming a difficult task. Therefore, I decided to contribute towards my education. To do that I began searching in my neighborhood. Though many places were ready to take me for minimum wage, the timing of the jobs did not suit me. I had to manage my school and also wanted to have a little time to study. Eventually one of my teachers got me a job as a private tutor to a family. They were studying in pre-school and I had to instruct them in language as well as Grammar of English. Though during that time I was elated, eventually I did come to understand that I was exploited.

English is a highly sought-after language in my native country, and there is a huge demand for English instructors. Parents want their children to have a good knowledge of the basics when it comes to the English Language. This is because a lot of them do not have a lot of knowledge about the language and are unable to instruct their children properly in that particular subject. Schools are also not able to give the students individualistic attention, as the teacher-to-student ratio is not apt. Therefore, the demand is steadily increasing. Thus, it made no sense for the parents to have paid me only a minimum wage.

Even if my appointment there as a teacher started with minimum wage owing to my lack of experience. It should have definitely been increased once the children started to do well in their assignments. My parents never offered to increase my salary, and I was so timid and uninformed that I did not push for the increase. I was so elated about earning my own money that I did not pay heed to important factors of employment like negotiation. I was not paid for my hard work.

As I have grown up I have realized that though being grateful is a great quality, one should always understand their worth. It is not a wrong thing to speak up and demand what they deserve. Being a teenager with no experience, I did not speak up for myself for which I have a lot of regrets. I would not want anybody to feel like that. People should not feel that their hard work is not worth anything. The lack of worth attached to one’s hard work at such a young age was extremely toxic.

Even though certain elements of the job were toxic, I did like the experience of teaching. I am still in touch with my first student. I was able to build a camaraderie with him which also aided me in developing my social skills. The good work as a tutor in this family helped me to get other tutoring jobs. After starting to provide tuition, for two years I took minimum wage in every house that I taught. It was only after I had garnered enough experience and convinced myself that I was worthy of a better wage that I began to negotiate and take new students at a rate decided by myself.

My experience as a tutor is one that I do not regret. However, at some points, I felt humiliated because of the way I was treated by my parents and also sometimes by the students. Ultimately the whole experience was worth the suffering because I achieved the aim that I set out to pursue. I helped my parents with my fees and also eventually with other expenditures. Therefore, similar to Franklin this job is something that I have a certain pride attached to because of the way it helped my close ones.

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