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ENG 101- Final Assignment: Reflection

Sep 14, 2023

Over the course of the semester, you have learned quite a bit in regard to writing. Using all that you have learned and applying it, please write an essay evaluating your transition as a writer and as a person from the beginning of the course to the end of the course. Please be sure to be as specific as possible in your answer and use examples.

Final Assignment: Reflection

The course ENG 101 focussed on writing skills on various topics. Throughout the course, various topics were provided in order to polish the writing skills of students. The discussions and journals were based on specific essays and articles. There were essays that were based on personal events and Research on a particular topic. These exercises were aimed at improving the writing skills of students. In this essay, I will evaluate my transition as a writer and person in the course. 

At the beginning of the course, I was quite afraid of the Research and writing process. Since I did not have much knowledge about literature, this factor further stressed me. Thereafter as the course progressed, my confidence in my writing also increased because of the content that was provided through the course. The essays and articles prescribed in the syllabus were exciting and had both emotional and societal aspects associated with them. These aspects helped me to relate the content to my own life and helped me enhance my writing skills by incorporating elements that were familiar to me. 

The essay “Meet a Muslim” by Roisin which describes the writer’s experience of being a Muslim in America (Róisín 495). It was illuminating for me as it took me back to the time when I felt different while watching the Miss Universe pageant. Through incorporating that experience in the essay, I felt more confident in my writing as I was formulating something I was confident about. This made me realize that if I write about something that I have knowledge about, the process is more enjoyable, and I am also more confident about the product. Therefore in the process of writing the Research Essay, I devoted a lot of time to Research. Through Research, I was able to understand the information in a better manner, which helped me to write about the topic.            

Through the help of Research, I gained confidence in my writing. At the beginning of the essay, the lack of Research was a massive factor of bother, but throughout the course, through Research, I was able to remove this doubt and problem. In my opinion, this made me more efficient as a writer since I was able to explain the content in my writing more clearly.            

The Research associated with the writing also changed me as a person. The struggles, emotions, and information that I garnered through the various essays and articles in the course made me more aware of humanity and society. The fact that even after being so crucial to the medical community Henrietta has not been widely acknowledged shows the negative aspects of humanity where individuals have a problem with accepting their faults (Skloot 395). This injustice to Lacks helped me to understand the necessity of accepting faults, even if the decision has been made out of necessity. The experiences of the different writers developed me as a person.           

Throughout the course, the skill that helped me the most as a writer was garnering as much information about the topic. This helped me in efficiently addressing the topic at hand. The process of Research gave me confidence in writing. It helped me to become a better writer. The various reading materials and Research on them inculcated valuable qualities within me. 

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