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EDU 3325- Week 5 Discussion: Effective Feedback

Aug 26, 2023

Discussion Topic

What is the power of effective and descriptive feedback for students? What is some of the best feedback you have received from instructors, and what has proven to be less meaningful? Additionally, please describe a few different ways feedback can be given quickly to students in a way that does not overburden you as their teacher. Please include a couple of (APA) references to support your opinion, and be sure to cite appropriately. Also, give feedback to at least two of your peers for full credit on this discussion.

 Week 5 Discussion: Effective Feedback

The effectiveness of the feedback is designed to determine the learners’ level to understand their skills and development to plan the next step towards an achievement who can learn about intention or goals. Feedback plays a significant role thus, this helps the students to make improvements to strengthen their learning capabilities with the feedback that they get to improve their vocabulary and their academic skills. Thus, feedback requires to be formed in detail for each student in the classroom because this would help them to develop their grades which were bad earlier. Moreover, this improvement requires giving proper guidance and information to the individual to build up their skills so that they make improvements in their grades as well. Feedback is a note of compliment, which acts like a significant rule and often helps the students improve their grades on every note that they lack before.

Feedback acts as one of the significant measures that would help the parents to learn how the student is studying. Feedback is found on different forms, which is found in different forms, like oral, written, informal, formal, descriptive, and other evaluative feedback to the instructor. The students and the parents are required to be made aware of the different forms and to comment on the oral feedback which can help the students to score well in the future. Thus, this helps the students to improve their vision and their intention to study (Popham, 2019). Instructional activities through feedback need to be aligned on a direct note, with an intended learning procedure for the students who are required to see and gather information about how the students are making improvements. Feedback given during the learning methods allows students to take feedback immediately so that they can realize and carry on with improving their learning process itself. This acts like an effective measure based on a productive system to make improvements in the learning experience while learning and making improvements on the end-of-task feedback measures are usually found on a summative note that requires the students to remember their feedback while making an application based on the recommended strategies taken for future task.  

However, I think that a detailed description related to the feedback plays a significant role which does not always form verbally.  As stated by Popham, (2019), descriptive feedback provides the student with details and several specified instructions andand ad information while making an improvement based on learning. Thus, this helps in developing descriptive feedback which is linked to learning what is expected, while addressing the student’s faulty expectations or anywhere they lack their understanding. Thus, case of descriptive feedback acts as a link for the student related to their learning policy as it is expected, or it is visible or a be manageable in every step ahead in their future.

I think that descriptive feedback mainly highlights the gaps in order to understand, as well as explicitly helps to inform the students on the method which they are required to take up to make improvements on the gaps as it is highlighted by the instructor. As opined by Popham, (2019). This would help them to improve their learning process rather they are repetitively making the same mistake. Perhaps this regulates the students to make improvements in their learning process rather than listing what they have got wrong. Apart from this feedback plays a significant role, as it facilitates them to thrive out on a reciprocal learning process developed between a teacher and a student.

Moreover, the best feedback which is received from the instructor includes positive comments to reflect on their knowledge and their understanding. Thus, this motivates, all to instill confidence which is enthusiasm within the students so that they can develop themselves in the classroom and improve their grades. Moreover, feedback mainly includes specific steps to make improvements on the element which can strengthen the students, which can improve based on the elements to share with the instructor the feedback irrespective to participate more or can understand specifically relate and earn the points. Thus, I would want to mention that they should have made an expansion related to the details, so they can share their experiences, and gaps to highlight their loopholes to share experiences and develop their experiences for the future and improve their grades so that they do not feel fear of getting a low score. Moreover, the application of feedback made by me is mainly to gather an origination to dwell on the note of how the students can make improvements for the required class in the academic year. It can be concluded that feedback acts as one of the significant methods that can eventually monitor the students so that they can be assessed and can make deliberate progress in the future and their learning process.


Popham, W. J. (2019). Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know (9th ed.). Pearson.

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