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ED 234- 4.5 Paraphrase and Summarize a Poem

Aug 23, 2023

4.5 Paraphrase and Summarize a Poem

  • Paraphrase each line of “Your World” by Georgia D. Johnson.

  • Then write a 2-5 sentence summary of the poem

4.5 Paraphrase and Summarize a Poem


First Stanza: Here the poet tries to mention that if a person wants to build their society, they can make it big as they dream of it. While in the case of this bird, the pet uses a metaphor, which detailed the facts stating that this crow tries to keep itself at a narrow corner while pressing its wings close to its side.

Second Stanza: In the second stanza, probably the poet tries to mention the sight which mentions the distant horizon while describing the skyline which is encircled by the seas and oceans. Moreover, the bird tried to throb itself from its burning desire to travel and reach immensity.

Third Stanza: At the beginning of this stanza, the bird is battered by the cordon around itself, as they are cradled by the breeze which blows on its wings. This stanza helps the reader to under how to take a stand in a way while describing how one can be liberated while perceiving the feeling of being free and developing the ability to be successful in the future. Thus, this would help the bird to soar to its uttermost while reaching the infinite distance with power and living at ease.

Summarisation of the poem:

Georgia Douglas Johnson is an American poet, who wrote “Your World”, which is considered to be one of the remarkable poems that fetches the message of perseverance.  An amazing written short poem that helps to get a different view of life through the eyes of a bird. “Your World”, by Georgia D. Johnson gives a brief introduction indicating the message about how to expand the world while achieving the goals and not by giving up. Each stanza in this poem helps to learn to hope and develop the criteria to understand how to reach it and be successful in life. In the first stanza, she describes how the narrator would follow the ‘norm’, of life and how she shall be feeling accomplished. The second stanza describes how the narrator takes up decision shall push the poet to reach her goals and be successful in life, no matter what difficulties they shall face in their life. Lastly, the last stanza of the poem begins and ends with hope in it. Thus, it makes sure that all individuals are encouraged in their lives. Thus, here the narrator states that the only thing an individual requires to follow is to reach their own goals so that they can decide to be in their life and what they want to achieve. This poem describes the journey of an individual who is recognizing their potential in the world while making good use of the bird’s flight as a metaphor while representing the person “flying”, free from all the limitations as well as challenges that would have been keeping them from reaching their fullest goals in life. She seemed to use the symbol that represents this message in the poem while explaining in detail how the creatures are created on the stage to play their roles, while they can succeed well. This poem gives a brief description related to the journey that a person often faces. While this poem helps in recognizing their potentiality within the world, while using the bird who is about to take flight, likewise this acts as a metaphor for who representation of the person “flying”, who are free from any of the limitation taking place within the society which would have kept them from reaching the fullest potential goals. Moreover, in my opinion, this poem is an inspirational piece that comes to its form so that it can inspire the readers

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