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GOVT 461- Discussion Thread: National Security: Whose Job is it?

Aug 14, 2023

Discussion Thread: National Security: Whose Job is it?

  • When writing the U.S. Constitution (regarding issues of national security), the Framers were fearful of the consolidation of power by a strong executive or legislature. Thus, they strove to establish a sustainable “balance of power” between the three branches of government. Did they succeed in finding that “balance”? How or how not? Has it been maintained? For example, does the Vesting clause grant the President too much power in the roles of Commander in Chief or Chief Diplomat? What biblical principles can be applied to the concept of national security policy in the modern context?

Discussion: National Security: Whose Job is it? 

The farmers of the Constitution are often feared under the centralized power, undertaking the philosophy to divide and then conquer. Therefore, the statement above mentioned correctly that the United States Constitution mentioned the fact regarding an issue based upon National Security. Hence, the Farmers’ visionaries in the American Constitution, as it is designed based on the national level, created the three branches based on the government to administer the different types of power. The sustainable “balance of power”, created by the branches of the government, in my opinion, is finding its way to create a balance. Concerning the Constitution, joint action with Congress has been providing a successful signal based for their enemies and allies.  

Therefore, farmers have been facing difficulties in their living and their earning cycle. Thus, based on establishing the power, is a catalyst for the farmers that have created the farmers to be feared with a consolidation under the strength of power based on the strong executive power and the legislative notion. Thus, Farmers before were deeply wary and have been facing abuses that could occur on placing power by a single individual. Therefore, farmers viewed King George III of Britain on a large note who mentioned the oppression which was created on the farmers during the American Revolution. Implementation of the balance of power was established by granting power from Congress, which was roughshod under a single executive power to learn the interest of the minorities (Corn et al. 2019). Therefore, Madison was wisely observed by the Federalists under the No. 51 taken under “ambition counteract ambition”, with Federal government based on the three branches of the government that is the executive, legislative, and judicial branches with an overlapping responsibility that required accommodation, while no domination was required by any of single branch.

As the information has been given and the reports from the article can be noted that Farmers were ill-treated before and were wary of their present condition while the executive or the legislative bodies of the Constitution are allocated the power of war between the executive and the legislative branches. Therefore, implementation of the collaboration power that best fits the text of the Constitution, based on the Farmers and their lessons during the Founding Era which is immediately following the Constitution enactment. The report based on the American Revolution was a failure that can be negotiated under the colonist to learn about the relief of the abuses that took place with the farmers (Corn et al. 2019). Thus, they concentrated power on a single power that created an unhealthy and unwise situation for the farmers and the peasants. Apart from this, it can be mentioned about the terror attack on 9/11 that force several terrorists to destroy the land. Thus, under the biblical perspective, which mentioned that farmers believe that they are protected by the President while developing a purpose, that devolved a committee or under Congress. Moreover, the farmers have made recognition can give wisdom under the strength. Therefore, the biblical references that be made with the implementation of biblical perspectives can be mentioned by Isaiah 30:23 which mentioned God helps the farmers to get rain for the seeds sown underground, while the food comes to the land in plenty and nutritious richness.


Corn, G. S., Gurulé, J., Jensen, E., & Margulies, P. (2019). Aspen Treatise for National Security Law: Principles and Policy. Wolters Kluwer.

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