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LEG100- Week 9 Discussion: Consumer Protection

Aug 10, 2023

Consumer protection is an important issue, but how much responsibility should the government have in protecting the consumer? There are many products that pose a health hazard yet are legal. Choose one of the following examples and explain whether you think that the government should ban the product.

 Cigarettes.

 Beer, wine, or liquor.

 Fast food.

Week 9 Discussion: Consumer Protection

For this discussion, I would like to select fast food. Hence, I believe that consumption of fast food daily mainly involves too much fatty acid, which can develop obesity at a very young age. As a result, children of today’s generation often follow to consume fast food, while developing the risk of obesity at a very early age. “The Lancet”, mentioned that the researchers mentioned about those who consume fast food from restaurants are actually linked with more weight gain over a span of time based on occasional visits. Therefore, the research made by the University of California has noted that fast food restaurants are actually linked with a 5.2% based on greater risk of obesity. Alternatively, analysis based on the details has stated that fast food can eventually cause diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, apart from this, this even causes death. The consumption of fast food at an increasing rate, as narrated by researchers based at the University of South Australia by the year 2010, have noted that consumption of fast food items concentrated within a specific region has a link to increase the death rate or all the different disease related to heart failures, cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes (Caulkins & Kilborn, 2019). Thus, as fast food leads to having connected with all diseases, I think government shall ban the consumption of sugary food or fast food which causes obesity or weight gain in children as well as in adults. As per the research and the evidence based on the strategy that is suggested under the government policy that should ban the production and formation of fast food. Therefore, as per my analysis, I would like to mention that if fast foods are not banned then fast food production restaurants should offer healthy alternatives so that this does cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or obesity in children. Moreover, providing food that causes health disorders, those restaurants shall be closed or shall provide proper alternative food.   


Caulkins, J. P., & Kilborn, M. L. (2019). Cannabis legalization, regulation, & control: a review of key challenges for local, state, and provincial officials. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 45(6), 689-697.

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