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LEG100-Reflection Discussion

Jul 28, 2023

    For this discussion:

    • Introduce yourself to your peers by sharing something unique about your background. Explain how you expect this course will help you move forward in your current or future career.
    • While related, law and ethics are not the same. The law establishes what individuals must do, while ethics describes what individuals should do. What this means is that some things viewed as immoral may in fact not be illegal, and some illegal activities may not necessarily be immoral. For this discussion, pick one of the topics below and explain whether you think it’s immoral, and then whether you think it should be illegal. Make sure to fully explain and support your answer.
      • Gambling with friends at work.
      • Using marijuana at a party.
      • Obtaining an abortion.
      • Marketing sugary drinks to children.

    For all discussions:

    • Post your initial response.
    • Remember to respond to other posts for full credit.
    • Have fun and make friends.


    In order to complete this discussion, I selected the topic, of using marijuana at a party. As per my personal opinion, I would like to mention that using marijuana, in parties shall be demolished because, as per my belief it is immoral, and should be illegal too. Apart from this, I have acquired the knowledge that many states take it to be a moral use and it is legal. Therefore, the legislation of the nation develops an idea, and strict rule, so that people can abide by the laws, which are developed to take care within the nation. Apart from this, laws are required to be developed, in order to maintain a civilized community, do people are requested to abide, by the rules, hence, to date, people are often using marijuana, along with alcohol in parties, where the police do not even take up the initiative to catch them. Therefore, many think that marijuana, should not be illegal in parties, because, research made on this topic, has introduced the fact that marijuana is dangerous to health, as this causes severity to the health condition of the people. As if, it is used at parties, then the rate of consuming marijuana, will be higher and can cause, people to fall into a trance of danger to their health, so I think that using marijuana, at parties, shall be made illegal and certain rules and regulations are to be developed under a guideline, so that community people are bound to listen to the rules.

    Many critics have even mentioned that using marijuana is basically based on medical purposes as this can help to make improvements in health. Therefore, for this reason, marijuana is legal in many states, as this is basically used for medical purposes. Thus, reports mentioned that students or recent youth have given the logic that marijuana, shall never be made illegal because, if consuming it betters the health condition, then this can never be bad for health, and should be allowed. Therefore, marijuana, along with alcohol consumption, is made legal in many places. Therefore, in my opinion, I would like to mention that consuming marijuana, should be stopped by the local people, with proper restrictions, so that the common people do abide by the rules, and lower their consumption on a regular basis at parties. Therefore, I think that using marijuana openly shall cause people to get addicted to it, and continue consumption, which can cause them to fall into its trance, while they even face issues like, early pregnancy, HIV positive, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, sexual harassment, suicides, depressions and homicide among the general youth, so restrictions are to be made by the Law, so that people follow them for their own safety.      

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