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AJ 100- WEEK 4-Discussion-Death Penalty

Jul 31, 2023

WEEK 4-Discussion-Death Penalty

The most severe sentence used in the United States is capital punishment or execution. More than 14,500 confirmed executions have been carried out in America under civil authority, starting with the execution of Captain George Kendall in 1608; today there are more than 3,000 people on death row and about 40 are executed each year. Most of these executions have been for murder. However, federal, stated, and military laws have imposed the death penalty for other crimes, including robbery, kidnapping, treason, espionage, and desertion from military service. The youngest person executed in 2011 was 30 years old. The oldest was 66. Despite its continued use and public acceptance, there seems to e growing unease with the administration of the death penalty, and the recent use of scientific evidence based on DNA has resulted in numerous exonerations of death row inmates.  There are many arguments for and against the death penalty due to the possibility of error, unfair use of discretion, misplaced vengeance, little deterrent effect, and race, gender, and other bias.  Watch the video below.  After watching the video should the death penalty be removed due to errors in the justice system?  Have we carried out the death sentence on innocent individuals and how can we be certain that we are executing the right criminal?  How can we be sure?  What type of compensation is available for these individuals, and how much money are the years they spent behind bars worth? (Links to an external site.)

Please post your response regarding the discussion topic. Remember that your response must be at least 300 words in length

WEEK 4-Discussion-Death Penalty

After watching the video, I would like to mention that there is no error in the legal system of the United States. This is because Tamsin David Ranta was behind bars because of his cold-blooded slaying of the Brooklyn Rabbi. Thus murdering a rabbi is considered to be an evil criminal act, because, they might belong to the Jewish community, hence, being in a secular nation none should be discriminated against on the basis of the religion. Therefore, this case makes it clear that many people in the United States are receiving capital punishment. Thus, this video narrates about Tamsin David Ranta, who was behind bars for more than two decades and do not have any knowledge about using a smartphone, or any idea to learn about the advancement in technologies, because, he was behind the bars. The witness and the spot evidence spoke that he was behind bars, for murdering Williamsburg Rabbi.  

I think that the court would never carry a death sentence on any innocent individuals. Hence, criminal attempts are taken place with several individuals, for example, entering one’s house by force or doing robbery is considered to be a criminal act. Thus, requires life sentences, after, this, I think that murdering the innocent, the convicted victim is required to get a life sentence or the death penalty. Apart from this, the rapist who does sexual offenses with girls and children under age shall get the death penalty, and none should get any consideration under the plea of a bargain.

Hence, in this case, after reinvestigation made by the prosecutor based on the crime attempted by David Ranta. On the other hand, the judge with the report of the reinvestigation vacated David. As detectives made an announcement, based on the apology made by Mr. Bandt stating what he had to endure all these years.  The right to execute criminals, which is to get the death penalty, which mainly violates Fundamental Human Rights. Therefore, executing the criminals on the non-violent crime, is not credible, because, robbery or theft, illicit drug abuse, or burglary is considered to be a non-violent act. Thus, they should not get long-term imprisonment along with the death penalty ( 2013). Hence, people who are serial killers, or have been raped on numerous shall be considered criminals for a violent act, and for them, I think that they should not get a chance of plea of bargain, hence, either they should receive a life sentence, or carry on with death penalties. Based on the federal standard to compensate those who are wrongly convicted a minimum year of incarceration is $50,000, plus it can be an additional amount for each year to spend on death row. However, this video has helped me to learn about the pathetic life faced by Ranta, while he was behind bars for more than two decades. Hence, I really liked that the court decides to release David Ranta, after so many years, like a freeman.   

Reference (2013, March 21). Jews On Television. Wrongly-convicted man freed after 23 years. Retrieved from [Retrieved on January 25th, 2022]

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