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AJ 100- Week 4-Discussion–Born Behind Bars

Jul 31, 2023

Week 4-Discussion–Born Behind Bars

Many incarcerated women are mothers, and keeping them in contact with their children is considered important for their rehabilitation. There are programs to enable eligible offenders who deliver while incarcerated at prison institutions to reside with their infant at the facility for up to 18 months or until the mother’s earliest possible release date, whichever is sooner. A national study sponsored by the Women’s Prison Association found that the number of prison-based nursery programs is growing, but such programs are still rare. Though every state has seen a dramatic rise in its women’s prison population over the past three decades, only nine states have prison nursery programs in operation or under development.  Does this take away from the offender’s rehabilitation if she needs to care for her child, instead of getting educated or therapy?  Where is the punishment for her crime or is she being rewarded for her criminal activity?   What about the taxpayers paying for these programs and are men able to participate in this type of program?  Do you think that this type of program helps offenders and why or why not? What about the risk of the child inside one of these prison institutions, what about their rights?  Are women treated differently than men and should this type of program be offered in men’s prisons? Born Behind Bars: Inmates Raising Children in Prison (Links to an external site.) 

Please post your response regarding the discussion topic. Remember this assignment should be a minimum of 300 words.

Week 4-Discussion–Born Behind Bars

 This is true that many women become a mother when they are incarcerated in prison. Thus, the child born out of the prison mother is helped by the different associations, so that the child should get a good life ahead. Thus, rehabilitation for the offender’s mother should get good care to the patients. Hence, the prison mother is recognized to be keeping contact with the children who are considered to do the rehabilitation. Thus, programs are initiated so that prison mothers shall get an education or can undergo therapy which is organized by the programs that are eligible to deliver positivity among the people in prison who reside with the infants. Hence, some of the programs aid the mother and their children.

Apart from this, if being in an incarcerated prison, the mother shall receive the punishment based on the attempted crime. Therefore, punishment takes place within the society offered by the injuries. Therefore, they are required to give fines, incarceration, and some other cases, with certain acts to restitution which is to be a common form of punishment that is meted out from the point of the criminal offenders within the society, even the women throughout the society based on the criminal system as per the country.

Research ensures that in order to organize a program, within the prison for the women, especially those who endure small infants. Apart from this, reports mention that almost 45 states have been providing 1.29 million of the 1.33 million incarcerated people with an average cost of inmates of $33,274 that ranges between $14,780 in Alabama with the highest cost in New York with an amount of $69,355 (Interrogatingjustice.Org 2021).  Thus, the Women’s Prison Association acts to empower women to redefine their lives in order to face injustice and incarceration. Moreover, this takes up the initiative to look after the prison women’s children while giving them freedom, safety as well as independence. Findings indicate that most of the women prisons in the United States have male employees like correction officers, who are routinely supervised an inmate’s living conditions. Thus, there is a difference between the men’s prison and the women’s prison, based on the security level. Moreover, women’s prison is considered to be typically less violent as compared to men’s prison. Hence, due to this reason, female inmates are freer and more liberal than in men’s prisons.

These programs organized by the Women’s Prison Association have a great impact on the women behind bars. This Women’s Prison Association acts like giving freedom to the women while educating them while giving them therapy that women belong to their families and are not behind bars. These associations are deprived of the situation stating that women are required to get independence and should get rid of the situation. Thus, they are required to get support based on the community. Hence, women require to get safety, in order to remove themselves from the bars and develop a nice space to build their children, live, heal, and grow themselves. Thus, they are essential for women prisoners (Study.Com 2021). Research indicates that there is a risk to the child/ children inside prison institutions. Thus, these children often increase to become anti-social, along with their behavior, and they are often deprived of psychological problems, which can be depression. Due to this anti-social self, they are often predicted to develop criminal activity. Hence, this is a challenge for most of the children whose mothers are imprisoned due to some criminal act.

Women even in prison are treated differently and with respect when they are in the prison. Hence, they get liberal respect, in case of life sentencing. Thus, men prisoners are more violent, therefore, programs and therapies are organized in order to overcome them from the present situation, get a low score as compared to that of women, because, women get proper treatment and they learn from the therapy. Women in prison, are typically less violent as compared to men in prison. Indications support that there are fewer violent cases among the inmates in the female prison, while male prisoners are violent, so none of them can be considered to be free from heinous acts. Thus, female prisoners tend to be more protective and get good treatment. Therefore, for this reason, a female has loose security, as compared to men, as this prison lacks high walls, guard towers, and cyclonic fences which is characterized in the male institution.   


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