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AJ 100-WEEK 3-Plea Bargains

Jul 29, 2023

WEEK 3-Plea Bargains

Research indicates that most criminal cases never go to trial, but instead, are bargained out of the system. Bargains can be made for a plea of guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence, dropping charges, lowering the charge, or substituting a more socially acceptable charge for one with negative connotations. People who plead guilty generally get lighter sentences than those who go to trial.  Critics of plea bargaining claim that it results in cynicism and disrespect for the judicial system.  Watch the below video then answer the questions below.

What are plea bargains?  What is your thought on plea bargains after watching the videos?  Is the victim deprived of justice and should the victim has a say in the plea negotiation?  What if the victim was one of your family members, would it change your idea of the fairness of plea negotiations?

Please post your response regarding the discussion topic. Remember that your response must be 300 words in length.

 WEEK 3-Plea Bargains

Plea bargaining dwells with the defendant that pleads guilty on a lesser charge. Plea bargains mainly focus on the arrangements based on the prosecutor and the defendant whereby this deals with the defendant in order to plead guilty on a lesser charge in order to make an exchange for a better lenient sentence or this can be based on the agreement in order to drop the charges. Therefore, the first video is mainly based on Jackie Wheeler who is charged with molesting a teen girl, while it is discovered about the prosecutors based on the plea. Apart from this, Terry Parker eventually discloses Jackie Wheeler, who is a child molester. In fact, in the video footage, this can be noticed, how Jackie Wheeler touched the small girl, which is visible. Apart from this, at Wal-Mart, he was convicted of groping a 10-year-old girl. Thus, with all this sexual criminality, and being a sexual harasser to the teenage girls, he shall not get any plea to bargain, because sexual offense to children under age can be recognized as a critical offense.

No, based on the case done by Jackie Wheeler, of sexually harassing a child under age, shall be convicted to a life sentence. Yet, in my view, he shall not get any negotiation on his plea bargain, because he has no right to get justice. As seen in the CCTV footage, he is a brutal person, with a seeking mind, therefore, he requires to get a life sentence for his sexual act. Therefore, this victim should not be deprived to make a say based on the plea negotiation which is applied by Jackie Wheeler ( 2014).

As compared with another video, where Aurora’s daughter Farah was sexually assaulted where Pedro Villalobos and his brother Daniel, were accused of murdering Farah by beating her to death. Hence, Pedro was convicted of a life sentence, along with this Daniel, should have also got a life sentence, because, he supported his brother in the deed. Thus, none of the plea negotiations from the defendant shall be entertained by the justice court ( 2012). Hence, if, these criminals are out on plea negotiation, then they can continue doing sexual assault with other under-aged girls too. Therefore, justice shall give them life-sentence, while the plea of negotiation on their attempted crime shall be banned.

If the victim, would have been from my own family then also I would not make any change to the idea based on the fairness of the plea negotiation. Therefore, the sexual act is recognized as one of the criminal attempts taking place with the girls since a long time back. Thus, this requires to be stopped. Thus, if any one of my family members is convicted of sexual assault, I shall never appeal for a plea bargain, in order to lessen their sentence. This could increase hatred within my family, but I shall do good work for society. Therefore, my mind will stay in a constant state of not following any plea negotiation and shall continue to plea for life sentencing, to whosoever does any criminal attempt, like sexual harassment to teen girls or even in the case of women. Yet, this step forward in society can help women faceless sexual assault and they can live a proper life, when they are in the supermarkets, at a workplace, or even when they are walking on the road alone. Thus, this helps a woman to fight against the sex offenders, as the court shall take up the initiative to not allow the plea bargain negotiation of the criminals, attempting sexual offense to teen girls or under-aged children, as it is shown in the CCTV footage.

References (2012). Brother takes aggravated assault plea deal. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 15th January, 2022] (2014). Woman fights against plea deal for sex offender. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 18th January, 2022]

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