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ADMJ 304-Juvenile Crime Statistics

Jul 31, 2023

Paper: “Juvenile Crime Statistics” (2) 

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This Paper’s Topic

I want you to identify how to access data relating to criminal justice statistics.  Often we must understand the extent of a problem before we can begin to attempt to solve it.  This week you will look at data related to juvenile delinquency and begin to grapple with criminal juvenile behavior.

Learning Goal

  • Examine the concept of at-risk behaviors and status offending, the measurement of delinquency, and the trends and patterns in delinquency rates.


Follow these steps:

  • Read Chapter 1
  • Open the website (linked below) and review the website for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
  • Have fun analyzing the data
  • Choose one of the topics listed on the site about juvenile offenders to write about
    • Once you have identified your topic and have reviewed the data, develop an opinion or response to the data
  • Provide a written summary of the statistical data that you have found and then offer your written response or opinion about it.

For example, you could look for the trends in homicides committed by juveniles involving firearms (or any other area of your interest). 

Open this Website:  “Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention”

Paper: “Juvenile Crime Statistics”

How many murders are committed by juvenile offenders in the United States?

The website below discusses several topics which are related to the development of juvenile crimes. Therefore, the United States is setting up a program so that Juvenile crimes are reduced while reducing its numbers and learning about how this can help the children to develop a good career. The selected topic from the list is based on the account, to learn about the number of murders which are committed by juvenile offenders in the United States.

Therefore, statistical reports have measured that the rate has increased to a number of 19% which is surveyed by the year 2017, which had a fall of 6% by the year 2019. Apart from this, the murder victims are between the age of 18. Thus, more than 1,360 murder victims are on the count with an age below 18, who are considered to be juveniles. Thus, several known juvenile cases are based on the offenders who are involved in more than 1,122 murders as recorded by the United States, taking place by the year 2020. Representation based on the theory which has also been proven by the data represents 8% of all the murder that is caused by juvenile murderers. Therefore, juveniles are convicted of accelerating the murder, due to parental aggression, domestic violence, or divorce among the parents (Wilson 2021). Reports even state that juveniles committing the crime can take place even due to harassment in their school, by their peers, or even they are discrimination in the school, which can lead them to develop a criminal mind, while they indulge in aggression. As a result, the crimes committed by the juveniles are often considered to be simple assaults, where the police do not take severe steps, or the juveniles get a lenient punishment. Hence, research has been made, that states that police often do not know about the juveniles committing heinous cases. Constituting about 41% of all offenses made against juveniles are known to police.

In order to reduce the number of crimes taking place by juveniles, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), is setting up a program, so that they can make improvements in the crimes which are created by the juveniles. Apart from this, this program mainly takes up an initiative so that they can improve the justice system while responding to the crimes that are actually done by the children. Hence, OJJDP has recognized that juveniles are at augmented risk of being crime victims. Reports stated that the children are often doing crimes which is the same as it is done by the adult victims (Ojjdp.Gov 2021). Therefore, children are often subjected to crimes, because, they have been facing child abuse and neglect. Parental neglect, or facing domestic violence is considered to be one of the biggest criminal aggressions created among juveniles, which leads them to commit homicide, which can get devastating and can get violent. Research on this topic has also made a note that sexual victimization of children can even lead to intergenerational series of violence.

This can be concluded that the main purpose of OJJDP’s Crimes Against Children Series is to make improvements within the juveniles so that the nation could save its children. Thus, criminal attempts taking place by the children have a long-lasting impact on their heads which is dangerous and can cause psychological disorders. Therefore, keeping the juveniles in juvenile homes shall help them to re-live their life and help them to get a proper education.


Ojjdp.Gov (2021). National Center for Juvenile Justice (2021). Estimated number of homicide victims of juvenile offenders, 1980-2020. Retrieved from[ Retrieved January 28th, 2022]

Wilson, J. J. (2021). Characteristics of Crimes Against Juveniles. Ojp.Gov. Retrieved from [Retrieved January 29th, 2022]

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