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INTL 2000- Week 6 Discussion: Latino Immigrants

Sep 8, 2023

Week 6 Discussion Forum

Please use this Discussion Forum to answer the following question on the course material for Week 6. After answering the question, reply to at least three postings from your classmates.

Economically, the Cuban immigrants have been the most successful Latino immigrants in the USA. Why do you think that has Groups happened? Please use the assigned material for this week to support your answer.

Week 6 Discussion: Latino Immigrants

They have seen recent prosperity as a consequence of several exceptional circumstances contributing to their wealth. One of the reasons is that US immigration restrictions, which were put in place following the tensions brought on by the Cold War at the time, have given Cubans an exceptional and favored status for many years.

Another aspect is the growing Cuban population (Sánchez‐Alonso, 2019). This group of people has strongly affected the economy’s growth. Notably, this group serves as both a source of consumers and workers for the nation’s manufacturing industry. Remember that most Cubans who migrated to the US received special permission to do so on humanitarian grounds.

Most of the younger generation is employed. They live in most states with major cities and are employed in sales. Since those who immigrated to the Miami area established economic enclaves while those who settled to the west of New York City established working-class neighborhoods, the integration of Cubans into the Puerto Rican labor market has been quite distinctive (Stempel & Alemi, 2021).

Today, business and entrepreneurship are the responsibility of Puerto Ricans. Most resources and labor have been used to fill positions such as managers, administrators, and others for real businesses. This might have served as one of the driving forces behind the successful immigration of Cubans.


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