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HUM 200- 1-1 Discussion: Learning to Analyze the Humanities

Sep 18, 2023

1-1 Discussion: Learning to Analyze the Humanities

In the first part of your discussion post, introduce yourself to your classmates. Where are you from, what is your major, and what do you hope to learn from this course? Next, discuss which of the three focal points of Module One (visual art, literature, or music) you are most comfortable with.

Which do you have the most experience with, and which do you find the most challenging to understand? Include specific examples to support your response. Also, if you have a question for the other students, feel free to include it as part of your response.

1-1 Discussion: Learning to Analyze the Humanities

I am xx from XYZ. I came to my first Country, Malaysia, in 2005. After five years, I arrived USA In January 2010. I stayed in Malaysia as a refugee. I came here with refugee status. But now I have US citizenship.

If I were taking this undergraduate class, I would choose music as the focal point. It is because I feel comfortable with music which I have mainly experienced in my infant’s age. I began with drum lessons in grade school, which passively and actively helped me learn music at an early age (Lyckberg, 2022, p.36).

Returning to the idea of taking humanities as a student, I would like to choose visual arts as the focal point as I need to gain more knowledge on it. This lesson would help me to come up with historical knowledge, modern arts, paintings, and representations of the Renaissance period.

For example, the departed traditional idea of painting by Mark Rothko has entailed me with the ideas of beauty and aesthetics. Visual art is challenging as I need to learn more about it. So, in this class, I would like to gain more skills in visual arts (Lyckberg, 2022, p.33).

My question for the class is to imagine a biosphere by which we acquire gainful inspiration for our lives if only the arts are not in existence. So, would we feel and see the biosphere with equal understanding and attention?


Lynchburg, L. (2022). Mark Rothko: Painting as Illustrated Nadir of Psyche’s Journey through the Underworld. Psychological Perspectives, 65(1), 30-37.

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