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Aug 16, 2023

Answer the Following Questions……..

What were the causes of the war?  What attempts were made beforehand to prevent war? 

The First World War is evaluated as an incredibly fragile thing based on the state. Therefore, a decision was made by the end of the First World War, based on the agreements that can be prevented on another note of the war that was not followed. Moreover, the different causes of the two-world war had a great impact on society. Most importantly, First World War made Germany take up responsibility for its actions. Hence, Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Thus, this treaty had a great impact on the society, as this led to depriving Germany which was forced to give up on all the territories which was no longer allowing larger military.

The government mainly took up the initiative and made an effort with the implementation of the Treaty of Versailles could develop the situation, however, I think that it made the situation more difficult that eventually hit the to form the Second World War. Hence, the entire world was hit by a large economic depression. Therefore, the world’s economy mainly began to shrink while forcing businesses to earn losses, banks to be closed, and increasing the rates of unemployment within the nation (Shemella, 2021). Thus, this power to Adolf Hitler who promised to assist Germany, to spread communism. The last impact made by Hitler was his unfortunate attack, where France was not prepared for the outcomes.     

Describe the general course of the war (major battles, leader decisions, significant events).  What was the turning point for victory or defeat?

Research made on the two world wars stated that by the year 1939, Adolf Hitler have been growing his German military which set his insight to fight the first on France. While he made different plans for Poland to wipe it out entirely as a religious domain. Therefore, on the contrary, Germany mainly invaded Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and France. As a result, the Revolutionary War mainly lasted from the year 1875 to 1883, hat started the conflict battle between Britain and America that came from Spain the Indian War, the Stamp Act of 1765, along with the Tea Act of 1773. Almost all the parts of Europe were then under the control of Hitler, while Prime Minister Winston Churchill expected the Battle of Britain that was done in the air. However, the research mainly states about the greatest loss which took place to call for the skies took place in Germany. Japan raided in the year 1941 in the United States Hawaii which is Pearl Harbor, where thousands of American soldiers have to face terrible phrases, as they were killed (Tuttle, 2020). Hence, this destroyed three hundred American war aircraft and warships. Therefore, this enraged America and forced its members to enter into World War II. Reports mentioned Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson along with the Congress members to vote for the Continental Army under George Washington. Therefore, this was likely to be the turning point for the American Revolutionary War.  

How did the home front respond to this war?  Discuss some of the opportunities and challenges American society faced during the war.

The Government mainly focused on the war, which made the economy fall. Therefore, this hampered the income of the peasants who were allowed to continue growing crops and had to do farming. Moreover, the artisans continued to make their craft to earn their business to survive in the war. Therefore, in this case, most of the Americans have not participated in the War to continue their average living structure under the Government so that they can continue fighting to stop taxation in Great Britain. Therefore, the worst side of the farmers, the people, and the businessmen was learning about the warpath this forced them to leave their families as they had to be practically homeless and were left unemployed.  Therefore, later on, this was idealized that the soldiers as they needed crops, livestock, the homes as this could assist them during the war (Rodríguez, 2018). Compared to the war, women, as well as men, have to fight the war that steps on the plate to provide earnings within the family. Therefore, husbands were forced to go to war, while wives were left alone, being unemployed in the city with children.    

What were the outcomes of the war?  Explain the significant changes or results that followed the war.

At times of the Second World War, the Americans have flocked to the Industrial areas, as they have been facing “war jobs”, that include ammunition and uniforms. The treaty recognized the colonies to learn about independence based on the British Parliament, which drew a line between British Canada and the American Territory. This is because of the idea based on the Revolutionary War that can increase the power of politics, based on the society and learn about the economy. Hence, this formed the religious affiliation that level to the growth of the American Revolution. Based on the Declaration of Independence based on 1776 and the business that blooms up and prospers the farmers to grow farms. Therefore, this was regarded as a major turning point in American History (Van Sang, 2019).

How did this war contribute to the creation of an American Identity?

The war had a deadly contribution for the Americans and their citizens based on the right direction to take a breath in the fresh air. Therefore, this was established in America while bringing on Independence to all the other nations. The war was significant because this had its contribution to accomplishing the Declaration of Independence within the United States Constitution. Hereafter the people within the country mainly focused on the fact that stated that there was a possibility that intrigued the participation and learning about politics. Hence, growth was happening among the countries that created a great contribution among the citizens of the country. Thus, the Government has been controlling the rework with some power based on the New Independence given to the countries. Therefore, the economy sets good to the significance of the Government to gain more control of power and learn about the American Revolutionary War.


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