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HIS 221- Paper 2 Assignment

Aug 18, 2023

    Paper 2 Assignment

    As the industrial revolution developed in the United States, traditional patterns of work were disrupted and replaced by more rigid, structured, factory-based workplaces. The notion of artisan republicanism, in which craftsmen could aspire to the status of a master within their given field, was threatened. American workers resisted these changes.  In what ways did Americans seek to maintain their older traditions of work or improve the conditions of their new jobs, and how successful were they?

    Write a 4 to 5-page paper that addresses the question posed above. In your response, be sure to base your claims on materials read in the assigned readings and videos from week 9 (you do not need to find additional sources for this assignment).

    Paper 2 Assignment

    Evaluation of the fight took place during the Industrial Revolution under the Labour Standards

    Reports state about the first settlements in the United States took place by the year 1600s. his continued with farming and agriculture that has been a way for everyone. this was probably regarded to be the populous work based on the trades that took place with the blacksmiths and the shoemakers. Moreover, the population was working in the little shacks and in the huts in their backyards to help a modest way of living as compared to this, the entire change took place in the middle of 1800 due to the rise of the Industrial Revolution. In this context, the Industrial Revolution mainly developed in the United States this was the change that developed into the traditional patterning and style of working, which was disrupted with the implementation of the new changes. Hence, his process eventually disrupted the while replacing the workers, with a ridge, with its structure while disturbing the work culture for the factory workers. Apart from this, a newly formed workplace has been creating a threatening situation for the “Artisan Republic”, which described the status of work. Therefore, the American people developed several ways to make improvements within the workplace, hence, this helped them to maintain their traditions in various other ways. Apart from this, the most notable way that made the Americans make improvements within the workplace was through their strike. Moreover, the Americans were the people, who knew their worth and could not stop themselves until they were compensated for their condition while they endure within a particular workplace.      

    Based on the studies of the First American Revolution, the imperative result of the Industrial Revolution was based on the “Artisan Republic”. This was originally coined by the Artisan Republics which was like o be the belief that all men and women can own their shops being present within the Republican society. Therefore, society is dedicated to independent business owners. Therefore, in the case of the Artisans community that was practically based on the hierarchy to train the people while increasing their job role and detailed skills. As a result, in the case of the blacksmiths and the shoemakers, the masters have been taking up the apprentices under their wings so that they can acknowledge the significance of trade. While the workers have been working under their masters would take up the apprentices, so that they can learn about the main things behind trades so that they can be recognized with the title of journeyman. The textbook, “Who Built America”, eventually claims about the commercial growth and the significance of transportation in America which was increased based on creating a competition between the artisans and the undermined people who want independence. Therefore, this is based on the enlarged marketplaces, which encourage large-scale markets with goods that were found on a ready-made basis. This sets forth a notion based on the criteria to look over the pride that dealt with the idea to start the Industrialisation that was made under the master, hat as that tradesman who eventually begins be worried about the demand for goods, that was increased. Alternatively, this caused a problem with trade because this increased the supply system.

    During the period of the 1820s and the time of the 1830s, almost everything came under the process of Industrialisation. Apart from this, most of the company owners used child laborers with very low payments. The children who were born by the year 1800 or later got a chance to find greater success compared to their parents. This was found that these new adults were the factory workers who have to face the harsh working condition of being a laborer. Therefore, the condition of the civilians made them understand how they spoke while making improvements within the labor structure. Therefore, the case of Industrialisation mainly involved people, who were different from the societal ad from the national background. Thus, working people came to know about their working conditions so that they can defend n their principle based on the equality that divided the society. Hence, this was quickly given away to the society so that they could make improvements within the working condition in the forms of labor strikes, along with the wage strikes that took place among the business owners. Therefore, one of the most common actors that sparked the man labor has been a striking note on the laborers for the people, do hard workings. Therefore, since the year 1827, this struck the support of the demand based on the working days that were shortened from fifteen rigid working hours to shortened ten hours. Therefore, the main things that delivered were mainly took place under the antagonism among the employees and the employers which deepened into the well by the year the 1830s. Moreover, a twelve-hour day’s work had no breaks, and used to earn two dollars a day. Subsequent dates brought but not the notion mentioned about the notion to build out the growth of the labor unions who ought to back against their master was initially insisted about the working days. Therefore, the general unions were mainly combined with the organization based on the first conventions under New York’s General Trades Union. Thus, the author, mentioned that by the year 1834, the parade has been stretching over a mile, with a halfway to speak on the condition based on the insufficient wages that they got being bakers, hatters, rope makers, sailmakers, or even weavers. Hence, the unions were considered before a particular time, as all men have been forming formal Rights for Women. Thus, they have been considering this time condition to be recognized by society to treat both men and women equally.  Later on, the Americans, come down with all the racial, gender, and religious grounds of discrimination they have to face being into society.  Thus, this develop the Civil Rights Movement, which gave an arrival to the thought that they have been fighting against the cruel condition within the society that which they belong.

    Considering the particular society and the time that took place events even took place after the Industrial Revolution. Approximately, Industrial evolution appeared to be a great change for the American workers who became stressed about their attempts, while this indicated the labor conditions while giving them a better wage. During the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the artisans who have been working on their own in the backyards, have a few short years, for their jeopardy. Hence, due to this reason, artisans have adapted while they have been overcoming the present situation to learn about Industrialisation, which makes the tasks easier. Therefore, with an increase in manpower mainly deprived of enough power so that they can maintain their traditions based on handmade craftsmanship that they can learn about their master while restoring buying the warehouses as well as the factories. Therefore, after a few years, this consisted of the warehouses as well as the factories that failed to sell their business on a wealthy note for the business owners. Therefore, here the business owners have been rated under the employees with terribly causing to do overwork and used to get unpaid. Hence, a few years later, the wages ad he mistreatment as they fought for their condition with the business owners. Therefore, in this draft, I would even mention the factory and the changes which took place in the source of income, based on the artisans among its citizens based on their racial and sexual grounds while they were discriminated against. Thus, I have even learned about the ethnicity that battled during the period of the labor strikes. Hence, they stated about the long hours of working schedules broke through earning 55 dollars a year, while these laborers acted quickly. Hence, after a few years, they have been working harder while putting in their dedication, as this happened to compensate the workers, as they deserved the right amount. Hence, with the presence of union workers today’s society, might fall into the trap of strikes that ultimately set a precedent based on their treatment, along with their wages and the laws that ensure their safety, a proper working atmosphere, and a healthy environment.   

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