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HIS 221- Midterm Exam Part 2

Aug 11, 2023

Part 2: Essay. Please answer any 1 out of the 3 questions below in a 2-to-2.5-page essay (500 to 700 words), double-spaced in 12-point font (80 points total).

Based on your reading of Who Built America chapter 2 (week 3 module), what was the significance of Bacon’s Rebellion? How did it fuel the decline of indentured servitude and the creation of a slave society in the southern British colonies?

Based on your reading of Who Built America chapter 3 (week 4 module), what significance did cities play in northern colonial economies? What aspirations did working people in these cities have, and what types of social conditions did they face? Why did white elites fear conspiracies by poor whites, servants, free blacks, and slaves?

Based on your viewing of Ghosts of Amistad: In the Footsteps of the Rebels (week 8), why do historian Marcus Rediker and his team of researchers travel to Sierra Leone in order to “restore the essential African side” of the Amistad Rebellion? How do their journey through the country and interactions with villagers help them understand the cultural background of the Amistad warriors?  What does their journey reveal about the legacy of the slave trade in Africa?

Midterm Exam Part 2


1) In Latin America the blacks were seen on the ground as their “race”, who was from Africa, and then made slaves. Whites were the European colonist with their descendants while conquering and establishing a country. While “Indians”- the Africans generally moved to the country to become slaves with their descendants within the region. Therefore, the indigenous population was inhabitant within the region before the European conquest. Hence, these terms were generally mixed in terms of Spanish and Portuguese respectively, that in terms refer to a process to learn about new languages, on a biological and cultural blend that occurred within the three populations in Latin America.

The significance of Bacon’s Rebellion was mainly established by the year 1676, which actually created fear based on the additional rebellions that indentured the servants. Bacon’s Rebellion was armed with an insurgency that was organized by Virginia with the settlers from 1676 to 1677. Therefore, this rebellion took a turn, based on developing a charge made against the Colonial Governor William Berkeley that was led by Nathaniel Bacon. Thus, this was recognized as the first rebellion that disgruntled the frontiersmen in the North American colonies. Therefore, a similar insurrection with Maryland involves John Coode and Josias Fendall. Therefore, the colonial ruling class was upset by the alliance based on the European indentured servants as well as the Africans which was a mixture of the indentured, the enslaved, and the liberal Black people. Therefore, this mainly responded to the tightening of the laws with its creation of the Virginia Slave Codes by the year 1705. Alternatively, by this time the racial caste slavery had an attempt to segregate the two races, while this prevented future joint uprisings. Hereafter, the farmers after, Bacon law was implemented forecasted on the fact that followed not succeed in the enforcement based on the Native Americans, out of Virginia, as Berkeley has a recall to England on an uprising stature.

Indentured servitude in British America was actually a prominent system of labor system in British American colonies. Moreover, in the case of indentured servitude in British America, created a bonded servitude that lasted for about the 20th century in North America. Hence, the number of indentured servants mainly decreased during that particular time. Therefore, the experts would disagree with the facts that teach about the exact cause of the decline, and the possible factors within the American colonies, his included various changes that took place in the labor market and in the legal system, that actually made cheap and less risky employers to be hired from African and work as slave labor or low paid employees, while this thrived up to develop the indentured servitude in British America to become illegal. Thus, the servitude of indenture in British America increased the affordability to increase the traveling to North America. This was mainly made by the immigrants who are less likely to rely on the payment made on the travel, based on the consequences of the American Revolution, especially to the women who were the immigrants. Therefore, in Caribbean nations, the structure of the indentured servitude of the slaves deprived in Europe mainly began to drop due to the Europeans who were made aware of the fact while developing plantation masters to face hardships and harshness with a high death rate to the slave servants. As most of them owed tropical sickness, which was administered by the 17th century.

Therefore, After the British Empire banned slavery in the year 1833, the plantation owners returned to indentured servitude for work, mostly based on the criteria that all the employees were coming from India, till the time, the British government had prohibited its practices by the time 1917. Therefore, the decline of indentured servitude in the British colonies created a slave society within the British colonies.


Who Built America? Chapter Two Module Week 3, pp 63-98.

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