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HIS 200- Week 4 Project Plan: 1994 World Cup

Sep 7, 2023

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed-

Describe the historical event that you selected. Why is this event significant? Describe at least two secondary sources that you could use to research your historical event. Your sources must be relevant to your event and must be of an appropriate academic nature. In your description, consider questions such as: What are the similarities and differences in the content of your sources? ‘What makes these sources appropriate and relevant for investigating your event? What was your thought process when you were searching for sources? How did you make choices? Describe at least two primary sources that you could use to research your historical event. Your sources must be relevant to your event and must be of an appropriate academic nature. In your description, consider questions such as: How do these sources relate to your secondary sources? What do they do to your understanding of the event? What makes them appropriate and relevant for investigating your event? Based on your review of primary and secondary sources, develop a research question related to the historical event you selected. In other words, what would you like to know more about? Identify an audience that would be interested in your historical event and research question. For example, who would benefit most from hearing your message? Describe how and why you can tailor your message to your audience, providing specific examples. For example, will your audience understand historical terminology and principles associated with your event, or will you need to explain these? How will you communicate effectively with your audience?

Week 4 Project Plan: 1994 World Cup

Chosen historical event: My chosen historical event for the study is the 1994 World Cup. It has launched the Major Soccer League, which has changed the World Cup events. It is a significant fundamental league that has promoted the players to deal with factual decisions with a materialistic view. During the World Cup of 1994, a specific investment plan was made according to the responses and thoughts of the team. However, the World Cup of 1994 has entertained the team members with legal efforts with different connections and appraisals. The LA has presented some establishment of eventual thoughts that might deal with future understandings.

For the US, the 1994 World Cup is famous because there are expansion team members who are passionate and engaged on fan bases. This tournament has also given the US first soccer for the future generation of players. With the professional league’s growth, the World Cup’s national team has engaged with the first division match and competed with other teams. There are various notable moments for US groups so that they could largely disappear into history records and remain memoirs for all soccer fans and play against Colombia.

Description of two secondary sources:

The similarities between the above two sources are mainly based on daylight broadcasts between Brazil and Italy. The model of the World Cup is formulated with different resources so that while playing the tournament, the team members could end up with penalties and change the matching procedure. However, during the defending procedure, the champions might break the expansion of competition which stood at a mark in 2018.

The difference in both sources is based on the revenue of longitudinal attitudes, which still needs to be discovered. Brazil and Italy mainly examine immediate action measures by deceiving the penalty.

Description of two primary sources:

The above two primary sources have a similar perspective, assimilated as a crucial indicator. Both sources mainly deal with financial stability, which is required during the match. During the theoretical action, both sources are entailed with limited evidence.

The above sources are related to secondary sources because they examine the World Cup transition using social network analysis. The main eventual decision for the match is supported by specific protocols, which enhanced the issue of SNA.

  1. Research Question: How did the 1994 World Cup modify goggle-box care of supple?
  2. Identification of audience with respect to historical event: For my historical event and research question, the audience I am interested in is the young youths who used to love and watch matches on the grounds of the FIFA World Cup. These youths would support the players and actively cheer for them to play better.
  3. Description of tailoring a message to the audience: For the significant historical event World Cup 1994, I would tailor my audience by using precise language to make them more interactive and exciting throughout the event. It would communicate successfully to entail a good and confident message. However, for making an argument, I would like to follow some rules, such as speaking aloud, especially in large groups.

I want to tailor the message to the audience because I think by communicating with the audience on the chosen historical event World Cup 1994, the target audience research could gain more knowledge for a future recommendation.


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