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HIS 144- Topic 1 DQ 2: The Model of Christian Charity

Aug 3, 2023

Topic 1 DQ 2
Read John Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian Charity” and Carville Earle’s “Pioneers of Providence.” John Winthrop defines the Puritan Ideal of Community, while Earle provides an economic and geographic perspective for establishing the English colonies in North America. Discuss the motivations for the English colonization of America. Identify a particular group or colony and discuss the political, economic, or social reasons behind their coming to the New World. Explain.

Topic 1 DQ 2:

The model of Christian Charity is based on the sermon by the Puritan leader John Winthrop. Thus, it was mainly developed in order to deliver the board the ship of the Arbella, by the year April 8, 1630, while in this case, the route was from Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thus, this joined where it was preached about the Holyrood Church in Southampton before the colonists embarked on Winthrop’s fleet. The main purpose of John Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian Charity”, is mainly based on the sermon that focuses on the Puritan settlers and how they should be treated and the lesson to understand how they treat one another in order to assist the colony people so that they can survive. Thus, this was written by John Winthrop, who was one of the major leaders of the settlers in the United States.
John Winthrop’s “Model of Christian Charity”, to my understanding, mainly focuses on the understanding of the New World. This is based on the idea that the villagers where can live as if they can see the city hall, as stated in Mathew 5:14. this portion of the bible mainly states that an individual is a light, to its own world, based on acknowledging the town in order to build the hill which can never be kept hidden. Therefore, John Winthrop wanted the villagers in order to gather their attention from them so that they can have the willingness to work, in order to develop a happy environment. Therefore, English colonization in America was mainly motivated by the fascination that holds on everything with the language, animals, and even the plants, which turned up to provide a reason order to recheck the New World (John 1956) Therefore, in my opinion, I would like to mention the Native people who have already been to the living system of the hunters, in order to gather the hunter instincts and learn about farming. Therefore, just because of this reason, I often feel like being in a group or within a colony that would want a New World. therefore, I think that based on my own experience. Thus, all have a curiosity, and this can be a big reason, in order to learn about the group and the colony in order to come into the New World.
Thus, the illustrations mainly focus on how John Winthrop discusses the paradoxes which are actually illustrated by John Winthrop that outlines the paradoxes illustrated under the sermon which is sustained by the Puritan public life. thus, the development of a body of public in order to maintain the differences among the members in order to ensure the community. He even disclosed about worldly activities such as the getting up acquisition to learn about money that can serve spiritual ends.
This can be concluded that Winthrop declared that the Puritans had to develop an ideal community that was deeply based on a secular idea. Therefore, it shall mention the folks that can cooperate differently, based on the different folks to learn about the colony. Apart from this, John Winthrop mainly focuses on sorting within the environment that deals with the folks with nice happiness, stuff, and different productivity with a systematic thing that actuates the English formation in America. Thus, human resources that desire social approval based on social upliftment learn about the desire based on the powerful and traumatized difficult situation. Thus, this folk desires the backward, that enlightens the latest world. thus, this additionally needs new expertise, that therefore, to learn about curiosity and about the journey that ends up entering a new world.


John, W. (1956). A Model of Christian Charity. The American Puritans (Perry Miller, ed.). New York, 42.

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