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HIS-144-The Development of the American Economy

Aug 9, 2023

Answer the Following Questions:

1. Explain Henry Clay’s American System.  How did this promote a spirit of nationalism in America? (100-200 words)

The explanation based on Henry Clay’s American system is mainly focused on the system depriving of the theory of economic development which is championed within the era that followed the war which took place in the year 1812. Therefore, the American system is mainly brought by Henry Clay with an objective that can fortify the various parts of America and its industrial development. Therefore, the goals of Henry Clay were to reinforce national banks, canals that can develop the railways, or railroads which required improvements. Hence, he made great improvements in order to fix the broken system. Therefore, the National Bank had to grant money so that it can be granted to make different developments. Thus, different contributions were made that have been playing a significant role so that they can bring changes within the society and develop the regional and national economy. Thus, he believed in nationalism, just because he was against the theory of the Civil War. Moreover, Henry Clay believed that the implementation of the Civil War could only inspire negativity, while he tried to promote the spirit of nationalism in America. Henry Clay even stated that the Civil War just divided society while he wanted unification.    

2. Discuss America’s transportation revolution in the first half of the 1800s.  What role did government play in the development of roads, canals, railroads, and steamboats? (100-200 words)

The American people of the 1800s were actually focused on Industrialization, as they developed the opportunities to fetch it to those people who were present in the West and then set back for the East. During this time, the government tried to develop the Cumberland Road, the national highway, which actually accelerated by providing routes to Illinois. Therefore, the Federal government has raised its fund based on creating an important way to the West that created a proper transporting infrastructure that actually settled the infrastructure along with the farmers. Apart from this construction of the railroads was actually considered to be the revolution brought to Transportation. Therefore, this development actually circulated on the note to inspire the making of the canal and the steamboat era. Hence, by the time 1860s, more than twenty thousand rail tracks were developed across the nation. Therefore, from this time the government reached the point of realization that gave a start to the Transportation Revolution, making improvements in the internal system and implementing the National Bank. Therefore, the American system based on the economy has brought on to the Market Revolution which allowed the farmers to make an expansion of both the National and the Internal Market.  

3. Identify three major industries (not including the railroad) of America’s Industrial Revolution after the Civil War.  What made the men who controlled them so successful? (150-200 words)

The three major industries that improved in America during the Industrial Revolution after the Civil War are as follows:

Petroleum Industry: From the span of the mid-19th century, petroleum was increasing while creating machines to be more lubricated and it was considered based on illumination. Hence, Rockefeller focused on the formation of crude oil, which was known as kerosene and was considered to be one of the significant mediums to lubricate the machines. Thus, Rockefeller, even focused on horizontal integration, has been practicing vertical integration while preferring horizontal integration in order to develop the business so that they can limit the competitors, its cost and can develop the profits.

Technological Industry: Introducing the significant use of technological use, the use of incandescent light bulbs introduced by Edison. On the other hand, Alexander Graham Bell, then introduced the use of the telephone so that businesses can get a flow and communication can be made flexible. Later, Typewriters were also introduced to stop writing manuscripts.

Steel Industry: Lastly, the steel industry was introduced in order to produce railroads, which was very significant during the mid-1800s. Hence, steel was very expensive, so Andrew Carnegie built his own steel organization with all the unskilled laborers so that they can work hard with low wages. Therefore, this gave rise to developing the railroads, and rail tracks, making bridges, as well as skyscrapers.   

4. Explain the importance of the transcontinental railroad.  In what ways did the transcontinental railroad change America? (100-200 words)

This era is recorded to be the first transcontinental period and a line that was established by the year 1869. Thus, railways were actually developed at a lower cost based on the transportation cost of different kinds of goods that can be sent across great distances. Therefore, these advances based on transportation factors have helped to drive the settlement to the Western regions in North America. Therefore, it was essential to learn about National Industrialization. Moreover, the West Coast was actually reciprocated while sending out the finished good that was sent to Asia and in the astern Market. Therefore, in this case, new movements were launched based on the raw materials that accelerated the industry with the things that took place during the Civil War. Therefore, declining the Native American culture in order to identify the completion of the railroads, as the Chinese took participation to develop the railroads which were actually headed toward the West. Thus, connecting this actually help in making development in the mode of Trade and made things faster than earlier. Hence, this system actually accelerated with a fund of more than $50 million worth each year.   

5. Explain the origins and growth of early labor unions in the United States.  In what way did they change America? (150-200 words)

This answer is based on learning about the origin of early labor unions in the United States. Therefore, the Labor Movement has become one of the most common needs in order to protect the common interest of the workers. Thus, this union system gave rise because, as were involved in work, be it the women, the child labor, or the unskilled laborers had a tight schedule of fifteen hours of working overtime, which was difficult for the laborers. Thus, this gave rise to the Labor Movement within the American nation and its work atmosphere. Thus, this helped to develop the wage labor market based on the Artisan Trade system that was deprived during the late colonial period.  Therefore, the Union played a vital role in the Labor Movement basically this brought Women rights. Apart from this, introducing union, helped in creating a good work culture and working atmosphere, with a proper wage. Hence, this inspired America to make changes and think about its labor.


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