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HIS 144- Legacy of the Progressive Era

Aug 17, 2023

Legacy of the Progressive Era SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT

View Rubric Status Upcoming Assessment Description on the Legacy of the Progressive Era. Using resources from the Topic 6 Readings, including your textbook, and materials provided by your instructor through class discussion & prepare your assignment with the following areas of focus: Regulation of Business, Greater Democracy, Conservationism, the Rise of Professionalism, and Prohibition.

Legacy of the Progressive Era


The Progressive era reflected to be the effort on the ultimate alternative and make an improvement within American society. The Progressive Era ranged from the time of 1890 to the 1920s, by the time the United States have been experiencing rapid growth. Additionally, American society followed the trend to make improvements, along with implementing numerous reformations such as Regulation of Business, Conversation of the Environment, and prohibition. Therefore, American Society has been selecting social and political platforms to make development and reformation during the 19th century. Hence, reports stated that the Progressive Era mainly disclosed the reformers who tell about making a readjustment within the American democracy. Followed with this the American democracy eventually focuses on the form of a healthier life for the American citizens (Stradling, 2021).  Instead of this during this time, American society had to see immigrants who came from European cities, keeping the city overcrowded, living in poverty while creating companies, and monopolies to control the nation based on money. Americans believed that they have noticed their society required a change, which was brought under the implementation of the regulation of business, with democracy, conservationism, the rise of professionalism, and prohibition. Therefore, this era brought success along with failure, from each of the creations that had a lasting impact within the society of America.   

Regulation of Business:

Regulation of business was mandatory throughout the United States. Business Regulation was regulated under the Industrial Revolution where the workers were mistreated, and the laborers were underpaid. Therefore, during the Progressive Era, there was a series of Federal laws that were passed under Congress while providing better regulation of the corporation, which included the railroad industry as well as deprived Protection for the workers and the consumers.   

Greater Democracy:

The Progressive Era is recognized as the period that brought certain changes within the society, while this focuses on securing the United States where the government stayed away from any corruption and gave out their thought on the social aspect. Reformers happened to be a continuous fight among the American people so that they can raise their voices in proposing, the implementation of the clauses, along with establishing the 17th Amendment. Hence, this Amendment addresses the American people, so that they can represent the officials while electing them based on the people. Therefore, Progressive Era is believed to be developing the right to vote, which closes to represent a more beneficial method. Therefore, the citizens are bound to learn about the laws and regulations based on representation while expressing their voices of opinions (Duchan, 2017). Thus, this is based on the affluent factor with a greater democracy under the Federal government in response to the senior citizens the people facing poverty along with the children. Hence, during the Progressive era, improvements were made within the American society, while bringing medical benefits, elections, and giving out social security. Therefore, the United States government mainly continues to provide proper medicated benefits to the citizens across the American nation.         


Implementation of the leading nationwide political movement can be considered to be conservatism. As this is recognized as one of the histories of the United States which confronts environmental problems that establish related problems based on pollution, sustainability, and resource exhaustion. Therefore, the movement is deprived of a vital aspect that developed a major reform which is mainly managed under the Progressive Era. Therefore, in the case of the Industrial organization, that expanded due to the struggle and used to protect natural beauty, learning about human health and national efficiency (Milkis, 2019). To develop the situation, Theodore Roosevelt decided to stop the neglectful usage of land and other materials. Thus, this was disregarded as the material which was feasible under the American Antiquities Act 1906. Therefore, conservation during the Progression Era took a step ahead, to bring changes, to develop the maintenance and preserve the land.

The Rise of Professionalism:

One of the vast topics, during the Progressive Era was the rise of professionalism, as professions of medicine, social work, and giving out special education while building up organizations across the nation. Therefore, advancements were made to build a fallback (Duchan, 2017). Therefore, a rise in professionalism developed the significance for people to get jobs and professions even in the medical field. To be a social worker and work for the needs and the requirements of the people. Giving up jobs means giving away employment that is so helpful to remove poverty. Therefore, to raise professionalism, proper education mattered first, as this helped people to get a proper education while developing the criteria to be employed.     


The change in the political and social movement wt6h the nation was brought out by the implementation of the Prohibition Movement, which is also known as the Temperance Movement that thrived during the Progressive Era. Thus, prohibition was made because of Alcohol consumption among the people. Reports state that due to the progressive thoughts of alcohol use that put women and children are victims of poverty (, 2013). Therefore, using alcohol was one of the reasons behind, people stating that it is the root cause to develop the social issue, along with creating domestic abuse, child abuse, and unemployment, that causes poverty. Therefore, the implementation of the 18th Amendment removed such consequences that involved a big population with big political corruption. Additionally, the government was able to develop a notice to ban alcohol that lacked enforcement by the government.


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