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HIS-144- Darwinism and American Society

Aug 4, 2023


  1. Briefly explain how each of the following contributed or detracted to the Social Darwinism or eugenics movement in America: (20-30 words each)
  2. How was Darwinism generally, and eugenics specifically, used to impact America’s immigration policies? (100-200 words)
  3. Explain the three ways in which ‘survival of the fittest’ was applied to society. Provide specific examples. (200-300 words)
  4. What do Fundamentalist Christians believe? Why are these beliefs opposed to Darwinism? Use the Keas and Dixon articles to support your answers. (100-200 words)


Briefly explain how each of the following contributed or detracted to the Social Darwinism or eugenics movement in America: (20-30 words each)

Count Arthur de Gobineau: Gobineau is recognized as one of the most important figures from the 19th century. Thus, he was promoted to the racial ideology in Europe. Gobineau gave thought to the three major races about the civilizations that are mainly made. Thus, these three races are mainly referred to as white, black, and yellow. Moreover, this was mainly the races that played a distinct role in the physical as well as mental characteristics. Thus, the different characters along with natural abilities are more likely to develop leadership, resourcefulness, and creativity, to deprive the thought of morality and inventiveness. Gobineau with his thought, actually gave out thoughts about the white race which is the purest out of the three, as he named the white race to be the Aryans. Therefore, when the Aryans were diluted with their blood, they were mingled with an intermarriage method with a lower race that helped to bring out the decline within the civilization.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain: Chamberlain is known to all based on following the social theory of Darwin, along with the racism of his time. Chamberlain has developed different cultures and adopted their knowledge because he recommended himself to be a part of an art lover along with a dilettante. Chamberlain had Germanic power over the Greeks as well as Roman antiquity which played a big role based on the argument. Thus, his last ideas played the main role during Social Darwinism to learn about the vision and the history that led to the foundation as well as to nurture the Nazi Weltanschauung (Coccia, 2019).

Charles Darwin: Charles Darwin is the main important individual who took the initiative to develop the Darwin theory. Thus, this theory is mainly based on the natural selection method that would determine the individual abilities in order to complete and survive and that leads to reproducing. Along with this the theory, of Social Darwinism, was actually created in the year 1800s, as this concept is mainly deprived of the theory of natural selection along with the “Survival of the Fittest” in sociology, and economics and to learn about politics. Darwin narrates his theory about evolution based on the learning ideas that plants and animals have best adapted to the environment in order to survive as well as reproduce as well as transferring the genes that shall survive to reproduce (Rudman & Saud, 2020). Therefore, Charles Darwin wanted to make an application based on the concept of humans and to learn about whittling out to the weak.  

Herbert Spencer: Herbert Spencer was a philosopher, who believed about the society that made a progression through the competition. Therefore, Spencer gave a lookout mainly based on the style of Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection which is mainly applied to the human society that creates the philosophy about Social Darwinism. Hence, Spencer has created the term “Survival of the Fittest”.

William Graham Sumner: William Summer has the belief that man could never be abolished of the law based on the “Survival of the Fittest”, that humans could only be an interference based on learning about the doing and produce an “unfit”. Therefore, people would have been making prosperity that makes people free that seek personal fortunes based on learning about their own methods.  Josiah Strong: Josiah Strong is recognized as one of the Protestant clergymen, as he had the belief that the United States was going on to ace the perilous paths unless to learned about the significant role and learn about reform so that this could be instituted. Therefore, the leadership is mainly made as per the Social Gospel Movement. Moreover, the social gospel movement is mainly based on the theory, which is noted in the analysis to enroll the criteria based on social justice that combats social evil. Therefore, he is very supportive on the note of the missionary works which are enrolled under the races that create an improvement through the words of Christ. Strong also said about the Anglo-Saxons, who were the most advanced in the races, that is specifically given to the savages made towards the non-Christians.

Andrew Carnegie: Carnegie, is known as one of the significant and leading figures that led to an expansion within the American Steel organization by the late 19th century. Carnegie mainly used the concept that is based on vertical integration which gave him all the different aspects the steel production and brought it under his control.  After this, he started distributing steels that he did not want to work within the various companies while sharing the profits that had been made. Thus, Carnegie later was founded to be the richest man in America, as he became a leading figure and a philanthropist of the United States and the British Empire.

Lester Frank Ward: Ward is recognized as one of the most important figures, and played a significant role as a botanist. He was also a paleontologist and a sociologist. Alternatively, he was referred to as the Father of American Sociology. Therefore, Spencer played a leading role based on the Americans that fought against Social Darwinism. Therefore, he believed that anyone could make an improvement based on the life that reflects on their actions.  

How was Darwinism generally, and eugenics specifically, used to impact America’s immigration policies? (100-200 words)

Studies stated that the duration of the 19th century, Eugenics and Social Darwinism helped the people in order to believe in Natural Selection and the Survival of the Fittest. Thus, these theories are mainly determined by the significance of humans who are best fit for their survival and as they can reproduce. Social Darwinism and Eugenics have developed a great impact on American society based on the immigration policies from the year 19th century to the 20th century because everyone wanted the people to do their best. Therefore, it was stated prominently that Northern European descent was superior based on a decent note. Therefore, they are said to be superior because of their intelligence, physical endurance along emotional stability thus, the Eugenicists believed in the fact to learn about the immigrants that have been allowed within America to those of the European descendants (Rudman & Saud 2020).

Explain the three ways in which ‘survival of the fittest’ was applied to society. Provide specific examples. (200-300 words)

Eugenics: Eugenics has created Social Darwinism based on the theory of the 19th century. Thus, both Social Darwinists and Eugenics dealt with an “unfit”, and an “unworthy”, time period. Thus, both have called for involuntary sexual sterilization based on the segregation based on the mentally ill, feeble-mindedness, poor, immigrants, etc. Thus, discrimination was by Eugenics on “survival of the fittest”. Thus, one of the most popular examples given by Eugenics the racial segregation on the note of Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act, 1924. Thus, the act mainly denotes to the citizens of Virginia that includes the race either the white or any colored with all the birth certificates and the marriage certificates.  Social Gospel: Social Gospel Movement mainly happened during the span of the 19th century. Thus, this can be considered to be a religious movement that is often argued based on imitating the people in order to make them learn about Jesus’s life. Moreover, the Social Gospel Movement mainly preached about salvation through the means of the services that are to be given to the poor. Therefore, one example is mainly based on the theory that the Social Gospel Movement is basically the group that involves the women who created a settlement based on homes to reach the poor.

Gospel of Wealth: The Gospel of Wealth mainly dictated about the different people that were mainly fortunate on the money which was given back within the society within the frame of the charity. Alternatively, the people are mainly believed to follow Social Darwinism is believed in the fact of “Survival of the Fittest”. Simply an individual has to be deprived of the ability as compared to those who are poor. In most cases, they are known under the gospel of wealth as narrated by Andrew Carnegie who took up the initiative to take over the steel factory. Thus, this made him become rich in America. This sort of power is often convinced based on men with wealth which is needed while spending money on a greater note.  

What do Fundamentalist Christians believe?  Why are these beliefs opposed to Darwinism? Use the Keas and Dixon articles to support your answers. (100-200 words)

Reports have been measuring the fact, that were noted about the Christian Fundamental Movement that came into existence in order to wake up the First World War. Therefore, it is designed in order to create protection based on the American Christian culture that is obtained from the erosion made on the force which is accelerated with modernism. Therefore, based on Christian fundamentalism which is based on the notion of religion and is banned within the classroom, hence, science has been creating allowance that is talked about Therefore, a Christian fundamentalism degree is based on the facts and ideas which are taught within the public schools, with disparity within the religion. Therefore, fundamentalism has found the details based on the criteria that fall for anti-Christian theory based on evolution, which was eventually taught within the public schools, which decided to fight back so that this can make them more determined about the situation in order to find a way to get into the schools that provides information based on the religious instructions which are given within the classroom.     


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