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HIS 100- Historical Implication

Aug 7, 2023

For your initial post, address the following:

  1. Discuss what responsibilities, if any, citizens should have related to being historically informed. For example, what historical inquiry skills might be important for a citizenry to have to address current global challenges?
  2. Think about a challenge, opportunity, event, or issue that affects your community. How might be more historically informed impact how you understand that issue or how you take action? 500 words 

Historical Implication

Importance of Historical inquiry skills in recent days:

History is a disciplinary study that is archived, studied, and debated as a collective form of memory. History helps us to recollect the events, incidents, and conflicts in the past and we can amend the mistakes and falsified decisions for global welfare, at large.

If we enquire about the events through history, the conflicts between the oppressor and the oppressed get clear and transparent. There has been the superfluous privileged section, which tormented the material as well as spiritual realities of the marginalized. For a concrete understanding, we need to note down the riots, wars, revolutions, and radical movements to culminate their significance in reality and replicate the ideology behind their motto, for further exploration of the possibility. Historical education should be taught with respect to its relationship with other disciplines.

The understanding must shape the political insight of a person because taking a stand is an honest task, needed for resistance. In the current scenario, the discussion should not be limited to intellectuals, activists, academics, or political analysts only, but the masses should also be encouraged to have the needed engagement in global challenges. Identities and struggles, related to the relevant historical context will be differentiated from the unrelated and irrelevant contemporary crises.

We cannot ignore the relevance of social media, through which historical debates and discussions can shape a huge revolutionary form in reality. Education related to the history of class struggle should also be considered as a serious weapon to counter the global trend of neo-liberalism and consumerism.

Historical events and their present implication:

A subtly etched-out issue-centric discussion and analysis is pertinent for the students and intellectuals to formulate the critical moments, in a way that can fully be documented in a transparent way. Mostly, historical events are heavily based on values and ethics, close to certain sections of society. During the course of active participation, there should be a consciousness related to the historical event that should not be misused or misappropriated for any ill motif.  Historical events and their impacts should be noted with the memorable turning points and their legal relevance.

Historical researches demand a grasp of the methodology, which can be understood through archives and documents from the library. Considering Stonewall Riot, which evoked the deepest emotions for the LGBTQIA+ community to fight for their struggles, the movement challenged the status quo of the white cis-gendered heterosexual people and fought for basic human rights with a revolution. The determination of the black- trans and lesbian women is still noteworthy and should be considered path-breaking for the courageous sacrifice they did.

For the larger concern, we have to channel our aim to fight the cause in an effective way to impact a larger population. The determination should help us to shun appropriation of the marginalized’ movements to resist further oppression. There should be a notable conversation, related to survival. The taken reforms should also include the relevant methodology for the particular cause. The activism will include- placard-making, sloganeering, and social gathering.

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