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HSC 320- Module 1 Discussion

Aug 21, 2023

    Module 1 Discussion

    Could you explain the significance of cultural awareness in the nursing field and how it influences a healthcare practitioner’s skills?

    Module 1 Discussion

    In the nursing domain, cultural awareness is referred to a healthcare practitioner’s capability to offer the best quality healthcare facilities to patients whilst also portraying their knowledge regarding their views, ethnicity, and beliefs. It is extremely essential to be aware of the cultural background of the patient and to handle them efficiently. Culturally competent nurses have great abilities to empathize with the admitted patients, closely interact with them and put a lot of effort into their day-to-day requirements. The deteriorated health conditions often make the patients agitated and worrisome.  Finding somebody among the healthcare professionals who are good at comforting or appreciating them can give them hope and help them to ease, which on the other hand can contribute to proper treatment, healing, and overall well-being.

    A “culturally competent” clinician must understand the essence of varied groups’ perceptions related to health, practices, and cultural norms, as well as ailment and prevalence of diagnostic rates across racially and linguistically diverse communities, and therapeutic effectiveness statistics. A physician who practices cultural humility should pay heed attentively and with enthusiasm. They should be conscious of their very own confounding biases and take a non-confrontational approach to whatever they listen to, realize their fundamental place of advantage as a practitioner, and be prepared to be educated by the patients taking admission.

    When a patient is admitted to the hospital he or she becomes mentally and physically weak. They get cranky due to repeated procedures on them whether it is based on medications or surgery. They lose their appetite due to anxiety and stress. During that period nurse must take care of the patient’s diet, and medicine and fulfill his or her requirements. They should be cooperative enough to handle the patients and never lose patience. If a nurse yells at patients’ demands it would be termed unprofessional and rude behavior and it can deteriorate a patient’s health. They should be sympathetic toward them and provide them with mental support to make them feel better and more comfortable in the hospital.

    Even if the patient misbehaves and becomes cranky the nurses have to try not to confront and argue with them, and handle them with utmost care and patience. They should be prepared to face the adverse situations that may arise from the patient or the patient’s party. This is the reason cultural humility should be more focused on healthcare setup than cultural competence.

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