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HQS 509- Unit 3 Discussion: Quality Improvement Teams

Aug 14, 2023

Unit 3 Discussion: Quality Improvement Teams

Watch the video that describes a team approach to Quality Improvement

Based on the information provided in the video, identify 3 key “take-home” messages that you think are the most important when it comes to improving the quality of patient care.

  • Review the information on pages 180-181 in the text, select one of the 5 items discussed, and explain how teams that use the CUSP methodology foster high-performance quality improvement. 

Unit 3 Discussion: Quality Improvement Teams

After watching the video on YouTube on the concept of CUSP, the first thing I want to mention is the usefulness of this tool. This tool is a great innovation in enhancing the quality of care and services, to hospital patients.

The first take-home point, I want to highlight here is the Staff safety assessment. We all are well aware of the fact that to make an organization achieve its highest potentiality, we always have to make sure that, every component of that organization should always be taken care of. Staffs are the most important human resources responsible for the success of any organization (Riegel, Delp & Ward, 2018, p.151). Therefore it is always crucial that their needs, safety, and well-being should be always considered as the most prioritized ones.

The second takeaway point is nurse and physician communication. Studies have shown that one of the major issues which have been highlighted by the hospital authority and the patients, regarding the causative factors behind the degradation of the patient service is the lack of collaboration between the nurse and the physicians (Amudha et al. 2018, p.2). This video shows very innovative and practical remedies, to combat this problem (, 2015).  A healthy team-building exercise between the doctors and the nurses for the interval of 6 months, which consists of face-to-face interactions between them, helps them in addressing the problems and also benefits them in finding the solution to that problems collaboratively. 

The third takeaway point which I want to highlight is patient and family-centered care. Patients are a major area of concern for all medical professionals. They should be always taken care of and receives maximum attention. Hospital administrations and the medical staff are always responsible to solve the queries and doubts of the patients properly to make their patients satisfied.

From the text, the point I like to highlight is the 5th item which describes the high functioning of the teams. This point states the importance of every member of the team. Instead of having centralized leadership, decentralization is always crucial in providing a comprehensive approach at the hospital level. High-function teams always work in collaboration in the identification and solving of any problems. Healthy communication will always make each of the members feel valued and their opinion valuable for the success of any organization.


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