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HLS 101- Journal Article Review #1

Aug 17, 2023

    Academic literacy is an important component of this course, the Health Science major, and professional practice.  It is an expectation that healthcare professionals are able to write clear and concise documentation, communicate with patients, and present a professional image.  Academic literacy is essential for all of these functions.  Well-developed reading, writing, and analytical skill will help you to meet the demands of higher education and professional practice.

    To assist you in the development of your personal academic literacy you will read, analyze, and summarize a selected journal article.  The article review must include the information identified on page two of this document, including: citation, thesis statement, research question(s), article summary, and discussion. 


    1. Download this document and use page two as your template. Your review must include the following sections: citation, thesis statement, research question(s), article summary, and discussion. 
    2. Delete the sample information and descriptions in each section before adding your work.
    3. Your submission should contain a scholarly style and a formal tone.
    4. In the discussion section you must use APA formatted in-text citations for all paraphrased and quoted material.
    5. You do not need to write a research paper but instead should follow the format on page two of this document and identify each component of the article.
    6. Please read the journal and documentary review grading rubric before beginning this assignment. The rubric will provide you with further information regarding what the instructor is looking for in relation to grading.  You can find the rubric attached to the assignment on Blackboard.
    7. The week one lecture provides additional information regarding academic literacy, citation development, plagiarism, and professional practice.
    8. Direct all questions regarding this assignment to the course faculty.

    Journal Article Review #1


    1. Citation:

    Jafari, M. (2017). Life101 enhances healthy lifestyle choices in pre-health undergraduate students. Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice14(3), 4.

    2. Thesis statement:


    Life101 Enhances Healthy Lifestyle Choices in PreHealth Undergraduate Student


    This article emphasizes the possible reasons behind the increasing level of stress among college students. It also provides suggestive measures to combat this stress via an online and offline lifestyle management course called Life101. This study also measures the impact of the course on the physical and mental health of the students.

    3. Research question(s):

    After reading the article the most important question which is highlighted here is:

    1. How to manage the stresses which a university student abruptly faces due to an increase in the study burden at the university level?
    2. How to deal with the new surrounding and responsibilities?
    3. How to handle stress which aims to adopt healthy physical and mental well-being?
    4. What are the tools the students should use to activate their “stress–release values”?

    4. Summary of the article:

    This article highlighted the major concerning problem among university students. Due to the increased level of study burden at the university level, and introduction to the new surrounding and responsibilities the students faces different mental and psychological problems and many of them are not aware of how to handle this increased stress. Inability in the management of this stress would lead to the onset of different psychological problems such as depression, loneliness, and anxiety, low self-estimated, and can sometimes lead to very brutal consequences like the suicidal mentality. These adverse consequences not only affect the mental health of the student but it is also responsible for the degradation of academic performance and the future potentiality of a bright student.

    In order to deal with these mentioned problems, the university has taken the initiative to provide a course in both online and offline mediums, called Life101. This course aims at the identification of the possible causes behind the physical and mental ill-health of the students by a survey and also provides teaching tutorials in the form of lectures and videos to make the students learn how to manage those problems. The areas which have been selected in this article to show the adverse effect of stress among university students include emotional intelligence, financial management, health, nutrition, etc. The most important objective of this paper highlights that this survey not only focuses on the short-term improvement of the educational performance of the students but also helps in the betterment of the future potentialities of the individuals. This paper aims to incorporate the strategies in which a student should intervene in his or her life to reduce stress and add value to life.  

    The finding of the study highlighted that the course affected the students in a positive manner. Both the in-class and the offline students reported beneficial lifestyle changes. Although the rate of success is greater in the case of the online students in comparison to the offline students. The most important positive effect which is being highlighted is that the student doesn’t get the short-term benefit of this course but it impacts the holistic well-being of the student in the long term purpose.

     Therefore it can be concluded that the author is able to answer the above-mentioned questions in the appropriate ways.

    5. Discussion :

    As a student after reading this article, I can relate hugely to the discussed issues in this article with my personal experience. This helps me in the easy comprehension of the mentioned areas of the study. This article is able to describe the whole concept beautifully and in a student perspective manner. The whole article is described in very lucid language.  As a student, it had benefitted me in a number of different ways.

    Firstly, it helps us to the identification of the reasons behind the stress, because many of us are not even aware of the issue which can lead to stress in a student’s mind. Studies have shown that in order to manage a problem or deal with a problem the first step that one can take is the proper identification of the problems or pointing out the causative factors behind the occurrence of the problems (Amanvermez et al. 2020, p.22). Once the reasons are identified they can be easily assessed and analyzed.

    Secondly, after the identification of the causative factors behind the problems, this article presented possible remedies for the management of these problems. The course helps me to understand that even in the future when I will work as a healthcare provider, what areas should I consider to focus more on the treatment of the patient? The areas which should be checked thoroughly in order to counsel a patient or a student should include, changing the bad behaviors, tools to manage stress, healthy diet and nutrition, emotional intelligence, money management, exercises, social responsibilities, self-care, and self-awareness.

    Thirdly, with the help of this paper, I am able to gain an abundant amount of knowledge in the stress management area and also able to see its global adverse impact on the future potentiality of the students. Which will help me to think about this topic more and do research in the future. Not only that this also helps me enrich my information regarding that how lifestyle modification and counseling can lead to the long-lasting behavioral modification effect on an individual and increase the rate of professional success and future potentiality of the students.


    Amanvermez, Y., Rahmadiana, M., Karyotaki, E., de Wit, L., Ebert, D. D., Kessler, R. C., & Cuijpers, P. (2020). Stress management interventions for college students: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice.

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