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HIM 460- Week 3: Discussion 2

Aug 11, 2023

Week 3: Discussion (Continuum of Care and Infectious Disease Control)

Discussion Topic

2. How do sentinel events point to important opportunities to improve safety in healthcare organizations? Respond to this discussion by writing a five- to six-sentence paragraph, including references.

Discussion Topic 2

The policy of sentinel events aid in explaining how a partnership is formed between the healthcare institutions and the Joint Commission with respect to the healthcare organizations that have encountered a serious form of issue in regard to patient safety. This aids in the protection of the patient, improving the healthcare system, and initiating the prevention of further harm.  (Bates, & Singh, 2018, p.1737).

The reporting of the event enables the addition of the lessons that are learned and that are to be added to the database of the “Joint Commission’s sentinel events” (Rosen et al. 2018, p.433). This aspect would aid in pointing out preventable medical errors and adhering to the sentinel event policy. A blame-free and healthy work culture3 would also be initiated by this quotient.  


Bates, D. W., & Singh, H. (2018). Two decades since to err is human: an assessment of progress and emerging priorities in patient safety. Health Affairs, 37(11), 1736-1743.

Rosen, M. A., DiazGranados, D., Dietz, A. S., Benishek, L. E., Thompson, D., Pronovost, P. J., & Weaver, S. J. (2018). Teamwork in healthcare: Key discoveries enabling safer, high-quality care. American Psychologist, 73(4), 433.

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