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HIM 301-Week 3-Discussion on Electronic Cigarettes

Jul 28, 2023

    Week 3 – Discussion


    Health consumers of all ages, including youth, are engaging in the use of electronic cigarettes. Using information found at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, analyze the CDC) recommendations regarding persons age 18 and younger and the use of electronic cigarettes. The IT department of the community health center started the design of an informatics application to collect data on electronic smoking in youth consumers who visit the center. Their data intake form includes consumer identification and demographic information fields.

    Imagine you are working on a team within your organization to further develop the overall design of this informatics application aimed at collecting data related to electronic cigarette use and youth consumers who visit the health center. Your initial post should be a minimum of 350 words. 

    Week 3: Discussion on Electronic Cigarettes

    I am working at a community health center as part of an interdisciplinary team I have to address the several issues which take place due to the use of the electronic cigarette. Young consumers are using this electronic cigarette in a large quantity and the young consumer is higher in using this cigarette. People who are using electronic cigarettes can reduce the habit of smoking as the electronic cigarette is operated with a battery and which releases a vaporized solution to inhale.  The solution contains nicotine. The main purpose of using an electronic cigarette is to get the feeling of gulping the tobacco smoke which is without the smoke. People are using this to detach themselves from smoking and using this technique so that they can leave their smoking habits (Collins et al. 2019, p.15). Though people are using cigarettes to reduce their smoking habit the e-cigarette is also considered to be bad for consumption and several diseases take place. The side effect of the e-cigarette are stated below –

    Firstly the e-cigarette contains nicotine which is considered to be toxic and addictive to fetuses. It can cause other problems like dizziness, burning or scratchy feeling in the mouth, lips, and throat, shortness of breath, and sleepiness.

    Secondly, the use of nicotine can also harm, adolescent and young adult brain development. The e-cigarette contains a chemical that is harmful to the lungs also. It damages health and causes mental misbalance.

    It can be said that the inhalation or the use of an e-cigarette is considered to be bad for all young people as it affects their bodies in the long run. Though people are taking it as an alternative for reducing their smoking habit is no lesser dangerous than smoking (Perikleous et al. 2018, p.15). The long use of cigarettes led to the loss of concentration, slow development of the brain in teens, loss of self-control, etc. The research shows that nowadays more people are addicted to the e-cigarette which is taking a toll and is injurious to their health.


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