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HHS 231- Participation Module 9

Aug 21, 2023

Complete two (2) physical activity sessions, on two (2) separate days this week, for 20-60 minutes each. Coes People You are almost there! Keep it up! Remember, you want to complete at least 2 days per week of physical os activity and provide an objective measure of your activity. Remember to have the duration, time, and date Eat rade of the activity on your participation upload (maybe try to have a date on the measurement tool or the file Student Services you upload).

Participation Module 9

The two physical activities that I continued for the last two weeks are Racquetball and Swimming on alternative days.

Day 1: Racquetball

Date: xx.xx.xx

Time: 08:00 AM

Duration: 90 minutes

I started my day with racquetball the court is situated at my housing complex. I practiced with my friend in the neighborhood. He taught me how to play and I continued with him as a partner. He also identifies the improvement in my performance and also the faults that need to be corrected.

We started serving the ball to the wall and smashed it with racquets with alternative shots. I was standing in the serving zone between two solid lines present in the middle. Then bounced the ball once and hit the wall. Then that ball was backed and hit by my friend then again, the ball came and I hit. That day I did not miss a single shot in the first half an hour and my score was higher than that but after that, I felt exhausted and took a small drink break for fifteen minutes. My friend suggested breathing slowly and calming down, he was not exhausted much. After gaining some energy I was back into the game and started smashing. He said my backhand grip and forehand grip were perfect and I was good at straight-in shots and cross-court shots need to improve more.

The benefits of playing racquetball I have been receiving are good control of blood pressure and blood glucose, improvement in flexibility, and overall very stress relief (Norton, 2020, p.35). I am having fun after a long time.

Day 2: Swimming

Date: xx.xx.xx

Time: 09.00 AM

Duration: 120 minutes

The next day, I went to a swimming pool nearby my colony with my nephew and niece. After wearing goggles to protect our eyes from chlorine water and a swimming costume then we went to the water. I already knew swimming and I was teaching them how to swim. They are learning slowly and enjoying being in the water.

I mostly do freestyle swimming as it is very relaxing and comforting. Swimming is a relaxed sport that leads the body into the water with the help of arm and leg motion and flotation of the body. Swimming had been a peaceful activity for me that reduces my daily stress and also improves my heart health. I spend almost two hours in the pool floating and teaching them the basic swimming guidelines. During swimming, one must know the depth of the swimming pool and it is good to swim along with partners as they can help in an emergency. Swimming requires energy, so a small meal should be consumed before.

The benefits of swimming I am receiving after starting again are, a good eight hours of sleep at night, energized, and calorie burn (Webb & Blake, 2013, p.120). It helps me in good digestion and metabolism thus benefiting the weight loss. It also burns calories like 500-600 Kcal for one hour of swimming. I am planning to continue this activity as long as possible.


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Webb, P. W., & Blake, R. W. (2013). Swimming. In Functional vertebrate morphology (pp. 110-128). Harvard University Press.

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